Do You Think The Boston Bruins Will Appreciate The Moment?

When I decided to move out west in 1990, one of the things I thought about was that I may never see the Habs play live again. I was used to seeing them several times a year, as I lived in Ottawa and various other places within driving distance of Montreal, and the Forum was only a couple of hours or so away.


I saw them play a few times in Calgary, and once each in Edmonton and Vancouver, but I’ve never been back to Montreal, where the atmosphere and magic of watching hockey certainly must be in a league of its own.


I was at a playoff game at the Forum once when the boys stormed back from being behind and beat Boston. The crowd was in a frenzy, the noise was deafening, and it felt like the roof was going to blow off the Forum and scatter pieces down Ste. Catherines Street.


I miss this type of thing so much.


And Wednesday night, with the Bruins in town, the Bell Centre will have it’s own electricity, as the Habs open the season with a team that could win it all, and I feel that diehard fans haven’t been this excited in years.


I know I haven’t been.


I wish I could be there, to soak it all up, to watch my team, and to relive old and glorious memories.


And to see the Canadiens beat the shit out of the Boston Bruins. 

9 thoughts on “Do You Think The Boston Bruins Will Appreciate The Moment?”

  1. The Bruins are my second favourite team.

    My third favourite team is who ever is playing the Canadiens on any particular night.

  2. hi dennis

    i think LES CANADIENS gonna take BOSTON but its the RANGERS with 5-0 so far that is the team to beat…


    the stanley cup was in my home town and i kiss it,any danger of getting listeria?

    no …no danger the cup as not seen any MAPLE LEAF for over 40 years…


    i type JACQUES LAPERIERE in the search bar and got no result….????software error??he spend a long hockey carrer avec les CANADIENS…

  4. Danny, You gotta type “Jacques Laperriere.” Two ‘r’s. But there’s only one posting with him in it.

  5. We should play our style, firewagon hockey at its best like the old days!

    Let the goons of Boston end up in the penalty box and we’ll go for the kill on our power play!

    What’s important is the scoreboard after 60 minutes and we should not retaliatet by the Beantown goons, play our game!

    Georges Laraque is playing tonight, he’ll be our “policeman” ! Trouble for Boston know that he’s back!

  6. I heard there was a sports bar in Calgary that catered to Montreal Canadien fans. Do you know where this bar is?

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