4 thoughts on “Do You Really Need To Drink This Shit?”

  1. Time for the DKRSFB to make a corporate takeover of the storied franchise.

    No more of this over-priced watered-down horse urine for the fans.

    When DK is owner, the fans will be drinking REAL beer and cheering the REAL Habs run by a REAL top-notch front office.

    Yes, things will be different when the Bell Centre becomes the DKRSFB Centre.

  2. Danno “The DKRSFB Centre”. That’s awesome. I’m giving you a couple of dozen more extra seats to give out to family and friends for coming up with this after I’m owner. Which should be soon now, I can feel it. Now that the beer is out there.

  3. Hi Dennis,

    You might want to start working on another beverage for the wives of your hockey players when you own the team and turn it around. DK premium Cognac anyone? Just a marketing thought.

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