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  1. Dennis, having looked a bit more closely I would also say this is the game 8 ticket held on September 28th, 1972 at the Luzhniki Ice Palace in Moscow.

    This stub is rare and valuable.

    You are lucky to have it.

  2. Danno, I had an odd advantage, the page appeared in my Google Reader but was gone from the website. You still beat me to guessing what it basically was.

    Despite several guesses I couldn’t figure out what any of the other important words were. Seat 146 was the only other section I could match. The Google translation for Luzhniki Ice Palace or hockey summit series doesn’t match anything on the ticket.

  3. Christopher, I can’t read Russian (Cyriilic ?) text, but I Googled the date after I noticed it on the ticket and that’s where game 8 was played.

  4. Danno, it’s game 8 in Moscow and one similar to it sold recently at Classic Auctions sold for $4000. Mine’s nicer. The the one for four grand had more torn off it. I paid $200 for mine and also received the fan’s airline info from BOAC and baggage tags, plus an invoice for when he changed money into rubles. Good for you and Christopher for the sleuthing.

  5. Christopher, my wife has translated it all for us. Below the picture of the building it says “ticket” and under it says “4th” and “tribunal”. In the green strip at the bottom it says “Central Stadium.” Top right says “section 1” 28 September 1972, then “row 22” . Then “begins at 19:30.” Under that is “seat 146″. And under that it’s 4 rubles, 50 kopeks”. My wife wasn’t sure how much that would be in dollars back then.

  6. Dennis, in Wikipedia they say that the sixth Russian Ruble (1961 – 1991) maintained parity with the British Pound Sterling until the breakup of the Soviet Union.
    A Pound was worth about $2.50 Canadian at the time, so that ticket would have cost about $11.25.

  7. u sure have some neat shit dr. kane…………………speaking of neat shit while moving stuff into the new house, purging etc. i found a golf shirt from kane’s sports bar. when i ride my harley i’m going to wear it. when people ask where it is i’ll direct them to yor blog……..no commission necessary.

  8. Dennis, my all-time favourite detective is Culombo. I loved the way he lulled the suspects into a false sense of security by his slobby mannerisms and attire. And then would zing them with his famous line…

    Oh, just one more thing, Mr. So-and-so…

    Nobody ever took him seriously until it was too late.

  9. Danno, I thougth Columbo was the best too. I especially liked the old car he drove. I don’t think I’ve seen one before or since. I remember my mom liked him too. There was no way you were going to fool Columbo.

  10. Hey Hobo, you know, some of the stuff in the sports bar I sold to finance a winter in Russia, but I have much left plus stuff others I’ve added later. I take after my grandmother. She kept old radio show memorabilia and political shit and all that. I can’t help myself.

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