Disappointment Reigns Supreme. Habs Suck In Sunshine

You know who I feel sorry for? The snowbirds from Sudbury and Sherbrooke and Trois Riviere and Barrie and elsewhere, the long-time Habs fans now retired to their villas and iced tea in Florida, who excitedly checked the schedule in the fall to see when their beloved Habs were coming, and they rushed out and bought tickets with money they could have used for tennis rackets and Panama hats, and they counted the days.

Then they see this. A pathetic, horrid display in Sunrise against the Panthers and an equally dismal, uninspired, deader-than-dead showing in Tampa. They must be a disappointed bunch, these retirees with their Habs sweaters and memories of the days when they saw their team in all its glory at the Forum on Ste. Catherines.

I’m adamant about one thing. The Montreal Canadiens are not as bad a team as they look. They’ve shown from time to time how things can be different. But something is missing. There’s no drive, spark, energy. No passion and spirit.

Why is that?

We look long and hard at this team and we see a never-ending debate about which goalie is the guy and which isn’t and should one be traded and one not, and the beat goes on and on.

We see players who we were excited about earlier causing us to be noticeably less excited now. And remember how it was going to be much better if they could only weather the storm until Andre Markov came back from injury? Well, they weathered the storm, he’s back, and I don’t see a team headed up the charts with a bullet. It’s just a sad-sack unhappy group firing blanks instead.

They played two great games last week in beating the Devils in New Jersey and then clobbering the Rangers 6-0. They were a better team than they look  now. But it’s a simple, easy question: How can they go from that to what we’ve just seen in Florida?

Is it the coach? Is it the goaltender/media crush? Is it because there’s no leadership with no captain? Is it because they really are too small like many suggested in the beginning? The guys who were great earlier – Gionta, Plekanec, Metropolit to name some of many, are only ordinary now. Don’t forget, Plekanec was making a strong push up the scoring ladder, but no longer. Gionta still hasn’t become the player he was before he was injured. Metropolit had endeared himself to fans with his work ethic and some timely goals, then it was like he went on vacation and hasn’t been seen since. In fact, since he took some brain-dead penalties last month that got him into the doghouse with coach Martin, he’s been a shell of the player we knew and loved.

Everything has become unglued and unsettling.

Random Notes:

Habs are in Ottawa on Saturday. Don’t forget, it’s an afternoon game – 2.00 PM eastern.

I might need a new roof after the last storm that went through. The one the Habs gods drummed up because they’re pissed right now. So this 2009-2010 squad is responsible for me possibly having to fork over several thousand bucks for a new roof.

20 thoughts on “Disappointment Reigns Supreme. Habs Suck In Sunshine”

  1. Hey Dennis;Pathetic brother,pathetic.There isn’t anyone with half a hockey mind that could pin that loss on the goaltender.I thought Carey played a good game,you couldn’t fault on any of the three goals i figured.The Habs just werent in it at all.They were falling all over the ice,like they took there pre-game skate at one of the beaches and wore the same skates.I just dont ubderstand what is going on.TSN reports a squabble between Price and Markov but didnt elaborate.Something has got to change Dennis,soon I think,whoever is causing the problem is going to be pushed away.

  2. Spacek had the sniffles, Gainey forgot to call you up to fill in as enforcer so the team ended up dressing short a man.

  3. You see what happens, Chris, when management isn’t paying attention? I’m assuming that when your doing upper management work when I own the team you won’t be forgetting about prospects like me waiting in the wings. And where it stands now is this: I’ll be stickboy, flag guy, owner, guy who looks after the players’ wives, and enforcer.

  4. Coaching. The team is not well-prepared.

    I suspect that’s where the sometimes-Jekyll, mostly-Hyde persona comes from — the game plans aren’t great, the players don’t always buy in, confidence is low, so the team plays tentatively… and you get what you see here.

  5. Dennis,

    My Haiku game summary:

    A pathetic display of athletic ineptitude.
    Sixty minutes of lathargic lassitude
    Mixed in with mundane moments of mediocrity.
    Sub-standard skating sliding us down to
    Sorry levels of sucktitude.

  6. And that MathMan, is what I think and wanted to hear. Coaching. On top of the lack of game plan and the head-scratching decisions are the vibes. Martin puts out none. He shows no forcefulness, no leadership, no fortitude. He seems like the type of coach players lose respect for. He doesn’t have a winning history and this team is going nowhere with him behind the bench.

  7. Danno, I agree with Phil. It’s beautiful. “Sorry levels of sucktitude.” You should be the poet laureate for the country. “Hey Stephen Harper, appoint this guy ‘poet laureate'”

  8. If this team continues along this awful path they have themselves on then we are going to get a lottery pick for sure. Lets all hope for a top 3 pick. That is the best we can hope for our Habs this season and really, is it so bad?

  9. Dennis, you need to stand behind the team and inspire them. Let me know when you take over coaching duties, I’ll be more than happy to watch you on Center Ice. I promise!

  10. Puckgone, a top pick is good and all that, but the embarrassment of it all, I don’t know if I can handle. Remember, this team got blown up and rebuilt and we had big thoughts and hopes.

  11. c’mon guys, analyze the game. Who sucked, who played well? Name names. I know Georges sucked, Hall Gill always sucks. Gomez gave away a goal. Markov is not playing to par and this is hurting the team because they need him to play like an all star. without him, we lose games. We can’t score. Cammy is invisible. Gionta who? Gomez is ok, Pouliot is crafty and good. We need goals and this team isn’t providing them. Plekanec, where did he go? I think Martin and Gainey have had enough time. I hope management makes a move. We need a trade, we need size and a leader. Another disappointing season and I’m tired of them.

  12. Mayo, I’m not pinpointing one any player in particular. I’m pinpointing the lack of heart, desire and passion. And where do you get that? It comes from pride. And where does pride come from? It comes from leadership on the ice, felling good about yourself, and motivation from behind the bench. Especially behind the bench. I don’t know much about contracts and how they’re broken and paid out and legalities involved, but this coach has provided no direction, made puzzling on-ice moves, is a lousy interview, and gives off the most boring vibes I can ever remember from a Habs coach. It’s the old adage – you can’t fire 20 players but you can fire the coach. They need a kick-start, a kick in the rear end, a kick from Jean Beliveau and Henri Richard, a kick from the fans, and a kick from each other. This team has shown that they can play. So we have to ask ourselves, what’s making them go out there and stink? It’s much more than a bad pass or being out of position. It’s a motivation thing, I’m sure. So in the end, it comes back to the coach.

  13. My apologies guys, can’t let the game affect my life too much. Good thing my daughter doesn’t see this side of me 🙂 Something has to give and am wondering what that is.

  14. DK, Don’t feel sorry for the Hab snowbirds, most of the Habs were up in the stands blending in quite nicely,talking to their fans & watching Tampa Bay play hockey! They must have been thrilled.
    Disappointed from the East !!!

  15. Hey Dennis, maybe the Habs needs a coach with a bit more attitude and motivational skills. Someone who’s not afraid to kick some @ss. I’m talking about this guy:

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