21 thoughts on “Direct From The Living Room TV”

  1. It’s actually very cool seeing these players as real human beings, with families, etc………….

  2. It’s really cool, Ian. The NHL must be a wonderful life. Players sure miss it when it’s over.

  3. I can’t imagine that it’s not, Dennis. Even the “worst” player in the league makes a salary that is multiples of what many of us will make in our respective lifetimes. And, you get it to play a game that many of us pay to play. How can that not be enjoyable?

  4. Ian, are you able to get all 8 pictures I put up? Danno says 5,6, and 7 don’t come up on his but they all do on mine and Luci’s.

  5. Ahhh….yes….notice how Vanek’s wife is shielding her face? I would too if I planned on taking my man to Minnesota…far, far away from the beloved fans…

  6. I can see them all now Dennis. It must be a conflict with Firefox and/or the Adblock Plus app I have on it. In Chrome I can see all the pictures. And they are really fine pictures!

  7. If PK was a mediocre player, nobody would be talking about him. But as you can see, there certainly are plenty of comments. Some of them are good, and some are just plain asinine. One thing is for sure, way down deep inside, even the fans who hate PK with a passion would love to have him on their own team.

  8. That’s for sure, Danno. Every team and most of their fans would take him in a New York minute. The best part, he’s only going to get better. A few years from now, PK will be the talk of the hockey world.

  9. PK Subban is already an elite defenseman, and he’s flashy, which is why he draws so much attention. I hope that he plays his entire career for the Habs………..

  10. He certainly is an elite defenceman. When I say in a few more years, I mean he won’t be the seventh defenceman at the Olympics or anything of that nature. D-men get better with age. He’s elite now but I expect him to rise to the absolute top in a few more years.

  11. If you only listen to the “oooooooo…” Portion of the “booooooooo” I bet that would be motivating.

  12. Marjo, I can see all 8 photos but can’t see the photo with his wife in the way, is it just me? 🙂

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