16 thoughts on “Diego Maradona Would Make A Terrible Hockey Coach”

  1. He’s not a very good football coach either, but he sure displays affection better than Carbonneau!

  2. Maybe this is something JM needs to try to motivate SK and OB and Pouliot? Yes? I’d pay money to see it at any rate.

  3. CheG – thanks for the interesting article. Kind of feel sorry of North Korean fans.

  4. Hey Tyg, if a kiss is what it takes to get those buggers going, then it should be done. Oh gawd.

  5. DANNO!!!! You’re here!!! I thought maybe you were on the lam from the law.
    Anyway, I think fans should be able to kiss the Swedish women curlers too.

  6. Now you’ve got me picturing hockey coaches wearing huge diamond stud earrings… and I’m not sure if it’s funny or horrifying.

  7. Maradona may prefer his young blonde, but as the saying goes, if you can’t be with the one you prefer, kiss your players.

  8. Christopher, you’d make an excellent songwriter. In fact, I advise you to quit your job and move to Nashville. No wait, forget it. I need you in upper-management.

  9. I’m holding out for Shania Twain to beg me to join her in Nashville. Otherwise I don’t think they would want me, I don’t have a truck to break down, dog to run away or wife to cheat and leave me. Instead I think I’ll just recreate your concert trail. Eric Clapton, Stevie Winwood, Michelle Wright, Whisky A Go Go, Atlantic City Pop Festival.

  10. Yes you can, Diane. Myself I’ll be extremely busy making sure the players’ wives are comfortable.

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