Did You Hear The Joke About 20 Habs Who Walk In To A Florida Arena?

I could on and on, I suppose, about this and that in the Habs 5-1 loss to the Florida Panthers Thursday night. I could mention Kovalev, Koivu, Plekanec, the Kostitsyn’s. Whoever, it’s all the same. I could complain that throughout much of the roster there was lack of this and not much of that.

Or I could say, as if you didn’t know already, that it was the fourth loss in a row after looking very poor previously against Atlanta, New Jersey, and Tampa Bay.

But I’m tired of complaining. I said all I could say in the other three games.

I just want to add that a shake up is needed now with the Canadiens. Offer a serious handful to Tampa Bay for Vincent Lecavalier. And maybe more importantly, do whatever it takes to make the defence stronger. Give up a whole bunch of good players. Make an offer another team can’t refuse.

Get a good defenceman, please. And Lecavalier. Am I asking too much?

I trust Bob Gainey.


Los Angeles is in Montreal on Saturday, then the Habs tackle the Bruins Sunday afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Did You Hear The Joke About 20 Habs Who Walk In To A Florida Arena?”

  1. Rember dennis, things could always be worse you havnt lost 8 home games in a row and be on the brink of complete self destruction (players fighting in practice this morning) . I do sympathize though.

  2. Jordy, Dennis should have no sympathy for our guys, none whatsoever! They don’t deserve it. They’re playing like a bunch of bums and rah rahs. What he should be feeling is royal piss-offedness as should any bona fide Habber … especially the players: low expectations = bad performance. The abysmal failure of Habbers the past 25 yrs to hold themselves accountable for lack of effort worthy of playing in the NHL is not only scandalous it is nightmarishly scary. Aaarrgh, could Beatnik be, at least partially, right? Are we in the process of slowly morphing into C/canuckleheads?

    At least your guys are showing healthy signs of feistiness and `grit’ in practice.

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