Did Red Fisher Ever Have Days Like This?

Today’s a day when time has run out.


I work for BC Ferries, and the weather’s been blistering hot. So therefore, it’s been busy. Really busy. And the days at work are long. Did I mention the days at work are long? And busy?


And my wife wants me to look at some paintings on the beach put up by local artists, before I go back to work, which is soon.


And then I go back to work and do it all again. It seems that every human being on the face of the earth is travelling this weekend on the Sunshine Coast by way of BC Ferries. Except you, of course. You’re stuck in a room reading this right now.


NHL training camps are still a month away. A lovely woman named Carol Huynh from Hazelton, BC, which is way up in the northwest of the province, won gold in wrestling. The Habs signed third round draft pick Yannick Weber. I saw a bear a couple of weeks ago. Last year my wife saw a bear on our street, two doors down. Schools sit quiet. There’s lots of plus-sixty year olds who drive Harleys. And my cat loves me.


So I have to go and look at paintings on the beach now, and then I have to go to work and help travellers travel.


It’s really hot.


Sorry about this.



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