Dick And Gomez

Long before he was a legendary coach of the Canadiens, Leafs, and Blackhawks, and long before he got frisky with the missus and made little Dick Jr., Dick Irvin Sr. was one of the world’s greatest players, which you can read all about right here – Dick’s Biography, and which also includes how he became coach of the Habs.

But enough about that. I want to mention one particular event.

While playing for Regina in the Western Canada Hockey League, Dick was deliberately hooked under his chin by a fellow with the great name of Spunk Sparrow. (In my next life, I want to be called Spunk Sparrow). And because Dick had a habit of playing with his tongue between his teeth, Sparrow’s stick caused Dick to bite right through this crucial part of the mouth which helped him eat, talk, and whistle.

Dick refused to have doctors look after him, stayed on the ice, won the faceoff, skated past the penalty box where Sparrow was serving his time, and belted Sparrow so hard that Sparrow needed sixteen stitches to fix the wound. It was only after that that Dick would let doctors sew up his tongue, which was hanging out of his mouth.

You see, this is what we need from Scott Gomez. If he’s not going to help his team by getting points, at least he can smack a guy sitting in the penalty box, or whack a guy over the head with his stick from time to time. If only to show he means business.

Is it too much to ask? We’d just really appreciate the intensity.

One small footnote about Dick’s biography link above. It fails to mention that Dick had a falling out with Montreal GM Frank Selke about the way he was handling Maurice Richard. Selke felt that Dick was encouraging the Rocket to display, far too often, his sometimes over-the-top fiery bad temper, and Selke replaced Dick with Toe Blake. (Rocket punched out and whacked a few people over the head with his stick too).




3 thoughts on “Dick And Gomez”

  1. Key line from the biography. “The bottom line was that his teams skated with passion.” With some of our players, the passion only emerges when golfing. And last year, due to injury, too many couldn’t even skate.

  2. Christopher, we’re just craving a team that plays with passion. Those two playoff rounds a couple of years ago against the Caps and Pens showed some true passion. But I think that was it. When I own the team, I’m bringing in a passion coach. Maybe Gordon Ramsay.

  3. I would love to see Dick Sr or Toe with Gomez. Hell, I’d love to see some of the guys on the team from that era deal with him. Imagine if he made a comparable salary in that day as he does today (I’m not a math whiz so I would have no idea what that amount is). Can you picture Richard or any of the other guys putting up with that crap?

    Another year with Gomez…great. First the PQ will probably win the election and now this. We better win the Cup this year to make up for it.

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