Dick And Danny Do The Game

It’s the magical combination of Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin as the Habs and Flyers battle on May 16, 1976. Montreal would win 5-3 on this night, sweeping the Flyers to win their 19th Stanley Cup.

Period one (30 min.) and period three (42 min) are included here, and we see the Cup awarded. Just wonderful, and thanks to my old buddy Rugger for sending it along.

Period One:

Period Three:

5 thoughts on “Dick And Danny Do The Game”

  1. Thanks Denis. I believe this was the Cup where HOCKEY beat GOONERY!!! “3 years since the last Cup means a drought in Montreal ” How times have changed.

  2. Just finished watching the third period, wow, what a treat! I noticed the low 5s between Cournoyer, Robinson, and Lafleur at the end of the handshake line I guess that would be frowned upon now eh? Anyway thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. D-John, it sure brings back memories. One of the biggest things of all is hearing Danny work. Gives me goosebumps. So great. And did you know that to find Danny’s autograph is almost impossible for some reason?

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