Diaz For Weise


With Ralphael Diaz the odd-man out recently on the blueline, the time had come for the Swiss-born fellow to be shipped out, and so Raphael is now a brand new member of the Vancouver Canucks.

In return, the Canadiens receive 25-year old Dale Weise, a 6’02”, 201-pounder who spend most of the past three season with the Canucks, and with 162 games-played in the NHL totaling 10 goals and 16 assists, along with 185 PIM.

We’ll see what this does. Maybe Weise is Hamilton-bound. Maybe not.

The one knock about Diaz, who was  a smart player with a good shot, was that he wasn’t physical enough. And Nathan Beaulieu has definitely picked it up several notches after being brought up from Hamilton.

So we just got a bit bigger and a bit tougher. No complaints there. I just hope Weise can contribute.

12 thoughts on “Diaz For Weise”

  1. Nothing for nothing, the way I see it. Diaz clearly was done here. He could move the puck, but had developed the reputation of being very soft, especially in his own end. Don’t know much about Weise, other than that he’s “bigger” and a forward. His career stats are unimpressive.

  2. Diaz was on his way out, so we made a good decision to trade him for a bigger forward. Lord knows we hear from everyone at this site and everywhere else that our team is too small.

    Weiss may not be a superstar but what exactly did everyone expect to get for Diaz? Malkin?

    It’s a step forward in my opinion., albeit a small one. I’m happy.

  3. I’m good with it too, Marjo. Diaz is a smart defenceman but stood not chance in clearing big guys from the crease. And maybe this new fellow will crash the net and give Gally a breather.

  4. Vancouver seems to like our small, soft, Swiss defencemen with good shots. They took Weber after we didn’t qualify him.

    Besides bigger, we also got younger and cheaper.

    I doubt Weise will go to Hamilton, he’d have to clear waivers. Thomas going back is inevitable, but it will be interesting to see what happens when both White and Galchenyuk return.

  5. how about a race to get to the front of the net— Gally and Weiss. With NO Bruins left within 5 ft of Rask!! What a dream that was!!!!! Gally may be a pest in the crease, but it seems for other teams it’s okay. He’s not a sleazy,bag of dirt like some guys– ProngerTHE WHOLE Philly teams of the 70’s, and others who some media folk say”play hard” No goals,no assists, BUT big hits and in their crease—-we got a gammer!!!!!

  6. I think it’s a good deal, Christopher, but I’ve seem many negative reactions to this. I don’t know why. Weise has to be given a chance. Maybe he’ll be a fine player for us. I’ve never gotten a handle on the waiver etc. stuff. I wish I did.

  7. Yeah Peter, Gally needs more help. Maybe the new guy will be a good addition. Diaz was too soft, although he was smart. When Luci and I went to their practice recently, Diaz stayed later and took a bunch of shots from the blueline. He’s got a good, hard shot. But we need more muscle. I hope Weise helps.

  8. I think this deal has more potential upside for Vancouver than us but overall I think this is a win for both teams and both players.

    Diaz hasn’t been playing; there’s only so many positions in the lineup for a small defenceman. He doesn’t have the offensive skills of Markov or Beaulieu, he’s not as good as Gorges defensively, I don’t even think he’s as physically strong as Bouillon. He’s the odd man out here, but Vancouver has no other small defencemen (other than Weber).

    Weise is less skilled player than Diaz and he also hasn’t been getting a lot of icetime this year in Vancouver. Reports indicate that he’s not as tough as he should be. He should be an immediately improvement over Parros and whatever kid from Hamilton is sitting on the bench.

  9. Just an exchange of warm bodies…….

    PK wants 8.0 to 8.5 over 8 years says Louis Jean of TVA
    and management still has issues with him…

    He will get that amount with a lot of teams and PK knows it…

    Will the Habs do it …..I am not sure

  10. Could be more than just warm bodies, Leaf Fan. Giving up a d-man who wasn’t playing for a grinder who might crash the net. Not bad. As for PK, I think he’ll be a huge star for another decade or more and he needs to be signed.

  11. In that case Habs get what they need …more grit around the net…..Diaz had was just to soft ….

    Should be interesting for PK…he is such game changing type of player…fun to watch when he plays against teams other than the Leafs

  12. I think the talking heads are pretty much unanimously saying this deal is not bad. I did, however, hear one guy say that the only negative with Weise is that he can be inconsistent and if he can address that and make it better, things should work his way.

    Bourque and Kostitsyn immediately came to mind. Please address that little problem Dale, and Montreal will love you.

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