Diaz And Subban

With Raphael Diaz signing a nice 2-year, $2.45 million deal ($1.2 and 1.25 million per), surely we must be getting close to hearing that P.K. Subban has finally jotted his name down. P.K. has earned $875,000 a year for the last three seasons. and with Diaz now over the million mark, you’d have to think that Subban is going to fetch much more than that.

Diaz was a smart and reliable D-man in his first season on the Habs blueline, finishing third in shots for first-year blueliners, and was selected, (albeit as a fill-in) to the rookie All-Star squad. An honour however which way you look at it. He wasn’t spectacular in his first season as an NHLer, but he was good, and he proved he deserved a spot on the Habs roster with his play that rarely made us nervous. He also had to adjust to a major pressure cooker in Montreal after a somewhat low-key life in Switzerland, and through it all, he showed great poise.

Subban plays gonzo hockey, which puts smiles on our faces sometimes and sheer terror other times. He’s slowly learning by his many mistakes, often the hard way, and steadily continues along an upward path. Nobody skates like Subban, very few play with as much pent-up emotion, and with his cannon shot, big-time bodychecks, and the way he gets from A to B with such flair, we know what we have and will have. We wait for the time when our young P.K. becomes a bonafide superstar.

Good to have Diaz back. Now, Subban. These two fellows will have nice thick wallets when it comes time to play the season opener, sometime in January.

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