Diaz And Emelin Eyes Wide Open

I wonder what Raphael Diaz and Alexei Emelin think of the growing furor surrounding their new team, with manying itching to tar and feather the coach and the Alaskan, and where, with only six games played, the pressure of being a Montreal Canadien must be like a tightening vice.

They’re members of a team in turmoil, and the natives, including me, are restless.

Diaz, arriving from Zug, Switerland, probably already knew that Habs fans take their team seriously and demand success, but I’ll bet he didn’t think it would be this already, with fans calling for Jacques Martin’s head, and where a 7 million dollar guy has become one of the most unpopular players in years because he doesn’t earn his money. It’s all stuff Diaz has never seen before. Not at this magnitude.

Emelin, coming from the Kontinental Hockey League, already knows what pressure is, but certainly not like this. A facebook page is dedicated to getting his coach fired, media attention vastly outnumbers anything he’s used to, and he’s learning quickly that he and his teammates must give their all, produce, and don’t take stupid penalties that result in losses, or they’ll have to answer to the fans. 

Canadiens fans show a passion that doesn’t exist in the KHL. I’m confident in saying that.

And if the Canadiens aren’t up to scratch on Saturday night when they host the Leafs, these two are going to hear with their own ears a thunderous noise coming from thousands of angry fans, directed not at them, of course, but at the team as a whole. It would all be very interesting and memorable for them. Stuff to tell their grandkids.

We Habs fans are excellent fans. Bruins fans might argue with that, but whatever. We demand a winner, that’s all. It’s in our DNA. We like our guys to play with everything they’ve got. No floaters. If they’re lucky enough to wear the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens, then they’d better wear it proudly, and work as hard as they can to be a winner.

That’s all we’re asking. Play as hard as can be, earn your money, and hurry up with the Stanley Cup.

Welcome to Montreal, Diaz and Emelin.



23 thoughts on “Diaz And Emelin Eyes Wide Open”

  1. If we stink tonight the boos are going to be epic. I can only imagine what their emails and calls to friends and family at home must be like.

    It’s bad when we get to the point where we expect a loss rather than a win. I’m already wondering how badly we lose tonight. I seriously hope not but if it means Martin goes quicker than maybe it’s a pain we’re going to have to bear.

    We can still turn it around but if they let this go on till late November/early December we are out of the playoffs for sure. Another damn year without a Cup!

  2. Dennis, the Habs have a really tough mission ahead of them.

    First, they can’t afford to suck any more or the season will soon be in jeopardy. They need to win three in a row to get back to .500 hockey and restore some faith in the team and bring back some confidence to the players.

    That means beating the Leafs tonight, the Panthers on Monday and the Flyers on Wednesday. It’s a tall order, but it’s the price they have to pay for letting things get so bad.

    Here’s the dream scenario: With Gomez sidelined, the team suddenly gels and guys like Cole and Gionta catch fire and confidence spreads throughout the lineup. The trend continues and the Habs start playing half-decent hockey again. Reality finally set in and Pierre Gauthier and the Molsons make the tough decision to send Gomez down to Hamilton to play out the remainder of his contract and liberate $7 million in cap space which permits the Habs to make some major moves and be bona fide cup contenders once again.

    But for this to happen it takes a bona fide effort from everyone on the ice tonight – something that’s been sorely lacking lately.

    All I know is if they lose badly against the Leafs the panic button will be pressed right down to the metal.

    The time has come. We’ll soon find out what this team is made of.

  3. My Leafs 4-1-1 record is fragile in my opinion with Kessel’s 12 points and

    Reimer’s good goaltending carrying the team.

    All their wins where exactly like the first game win against Montreal when the
    Habs completely outplayed them in the first period. The next game Winnipeg dominated for the first 2 periods before Kessel pulled out that win. Plus Komisarek (a Hab favourite) and Schenn flopping like cod fish out of water have not looked great.

    Boston crashed them to earth the other night so tonite will be a telling game for
    not only the Habs but the Leafs….
    By the way Subban’s -6 plus/minus really stands out more so than Gomez’s lack production as a problem on your Habs

  4. Darth, we can turn it around with a a new coach which means new life. Hobo’s analogy was good- it’s like a toothache that has to get worse before it finally gets fixed. If they look terrible tonight, this could be it. This could be where they finally call me and my management team. You may be quitting your soon sooner than expected.

  5. Love the scenario, Danno. Tonight should be one heck of an interesting gam, watching to see how they do. This team will be scrutinized like crazy. Is Gomez feeling better now or is he still on the shelf? Not that matters, I’m just curious to see how this new drama unfolds. And you’re so right, – a loss tonight and holy smokes. I also haven’t given up on my Gionta mantra. It’s up to him in many ways to rally his buddies. It became his job when he excepted the C.

  6. Leaf Fan, Subban’s -6 is good but he’s a young fellow logging lots of minutes on a team where the D is depleted and he’s been asked to step up like a seasoned veteran. Gomez has been around for years, makes a zillion bucks, and I’m not even sure he could play for Byer’s Bulldozers.

  7. dear kane
    on the eve of this pivotal game against the dreaded les leafs i find my self facing a personal and moral dilemma. how do i cheer? it is a lot like marriage. do i use my heart where the best i can hope for is temporarily bliss and a false sense of well being or do i use my brain and apply simple hobo logic where long term success is more likely……. please advise accordingly for the sake of all humanity.

    your hobo servant

  8. Hobo, this is what I’m doing. If the boys play like it’s the 7th game of the Stanley Cup, then I want a big win. If they play like they’d rather be at the pool hall, then a loss will be the best thing I guess. We just don’t need a bandaid fix, that’s all. We need a major operation. Mississauga Street Blues Boy.

  9. Haha yeah I guess I could have been a little more clear. I just can’t stand him anymore. He’s had enough chances. Give him back #91

  10. I said this in the other thread but I had to remind myself that Gomez wasn’t playing tonight. Big deal. Did we miss anything? Was this the game he was going to get a hat-trick and three assists and be the game’s first star? Gee maybe history would have repeated tonight and he would have been the three stars of the game like Richard. (Forgive me Rocket for sullying your greatness).

  11. Yep, Darth, I was sure Gomez was going to break out tonioght and score three or four myself. I was also sure a giant asteroid made of diamond and gold was going to land in my back yard. I wonder if Gomez is really hurt or he’s just playing games. This guy does not wear the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens well. Scot, please scoot. Right out of town. And take the coach with you.

  12. Habs and Leafs both played undisciplined pond hockey last night, the kind that got the Leafs hammered 6-2 by the Bruins a few days ago

    As far as the Habs are concerned I would blame Gauthier and P.K Subban

    Gauthier let go (10g 41a=51 p) Wieniewski puck moving setup D man…

    Subban has has 2 points this year……

    These 2 puck movers D-men set up your fast forwards last year

    Also why did he let go Pouliot (13g-17a=30p)…decent third line stat

    And Cole does looks bad … a Gauthier G.M move

    This Leaf fan will take to two points and run …thank you

  13. Leaf Fan, forget about Pouliot. He wasn’t a decent third-liner. He was an underachieving washout. Wiz signed for a zillion dollars elsewhere and if those kinds of numbers weren’t on the table from Columbus and elsewhere, he still might be a Montreal Canadien. Subban definitely should be doing more. And Martin is playing head games with Cole. My neighbour is a Leafs fan and he’s proud of the fact that guys like Rosehill are coming to the aid of guys like Grabovski, it hadn’t happened in other years. And Grabovski, because he knows people have his back, plays well and scored the winner.

  14. When is Markov back? ,,, he is the big hole to fill ….backend stats wise

    Also Grabovski’s great year surprised me to no end …Apparently his new baby last year really refocused him … Rosehill is a good 4th line guy that can stay with the pace of the game and support his mates well… tough s.o.b for sure

  15. Leaf Fan: Cole can be better but he’s being dicked around by Martin.

    Pouliot was much ado about nothing. Think Komisarek. All flash no gas.

    You must be pretty excited about making the playoffs this year.

  16. I must admit that as a long time Canadiens fan who despises the Martin system and Gauthier cone of secrecy approach to mis-managing the shuffling of personnel, I was admittedly ecstactic with the win tonight. Only because the talent on this team is too high to justify a record that is lower than a snake’s shadow at noon! I relish the thought of a possible back to back 3-point take-away from the boorish Bruins and I now believe the inertia (momentum) of the win tonight will perhaps propel the CH troops to the peaks of confidence cones that are necessary to drown out the BB fans and draw them firmly into their highchairs, ruing the day when Mr. PAC MAX acioeretti on that caveman D-man after a winning goal as the declaration of WAR on the Bruins and Americans. Oddly ironic, is it not that MAX PAC ruins the Temper party (T-party for short). MAX PAC is a New Englander who does not share the ignomious and irratinal dispassion of a Boorish Boston fans who fail to recognize and worship the umparallelled excellence (in 100 years) of a baseball manager who reversed the BABE curse and brought World Series champagne to the Boston party. This is a Boorish Boston fan base unparallelled in the depths of illogical and uncouth commentary (except maybe for the Philadelphia fan-atics). Beating Philly then Boston – hell better than sex in a chocolate vat. Let’s hope that MAC PAC is the determining factor in leading the CH t a desired 3-4 point CH dominance over the Boorish Bruins over the next 2 days – n’est ce pas (this means can you dig it?)

  17. Denny, great comments and well put. I don’t want to get overly-optimistic but I believe, like you, that the momentum could start rolling now.. And it’s because of the Weber goal and whatever was said after that pitiful first period. They put it all together and played like I we knew they could. It was a great night and I want a repeat performance tonight. Good stuff from you and from the team.

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