Devils Still Breathing

The New Jersey Devils edged Los Angeles 2-1 in a feisty and puck-bouncing game five, with pucks rattling off goal posts, sticks slicing people’s faces, and Martin Brodeur being great and also lucky. So the series continues, with L.A. now holding a slight 3-2 game advantage, and feeling not quite as good about themselves as they were a couple of games ago.

The Stanley Cup remains packed away, until Monday at least. I’m hoping it goes seven. (please see previous post Drama-Hoping for more on this).

It’s a bad/good situation for Kings’ owners Philip Anschutz and Ed Roski Jr. Bad because their team can’t close it off, and good because it means another home game with a whole bunch of extra big-time dollars to be stuffed into their pockets from ticket and beer sales. Sometimes losing pays off in a big way.

L.A. players have to be nervous, and the Devils now find themselves with some serious hope. This is much better than a sweep or a five-game series. And from this Hab fan’s perspective, it’s always nice to see camera shots of Larry Robinson behind the bench. Kind of chokes me up.

Have you noticed that with all the beards out there, everybody looks the same? It’s like two teams full of Smith Brothers. I’m starting to dislike the beard thing. I’ll bet the wives are too. Maybe players need something new for playoff tradition, something that doesn’t make them all look alike. How about not showering for the playoffs? At least they wouldn’t have to worry about fans and media bothering them.

It’s also worth noting that if New Jersey really wants to climb all the way back, the Devils trainers might want to give Ilya Kovalchuk some smelling salts. Or at the very least, a good swift kick in the ass.

2 thoughts on “Devils Still Breathing”

  1. Off Colour Joke Alert – Non Hockey related

    A man is in court on a charge of public indecency after being found in a public park engaged in a a spot of “hows your father” with another man of the male gender.

    As he is giving evidence he keeps coughing. Every time he tries to answer the prosecuter’s questions he has another fit of coughing such that no-one can make much sense of what he is saying.

    The kindly old judge leans forward and says “that’s a rather bad cough old chap, perhaps you should try sucking on a Smith Brother.”

    To which the defendent replies, “cough cough, Thank you but I think I’m in enough trouble as it is your honour cough cough”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you.

    (Cultural Note: In the UK the equivalent cough lozenge is known as a Fisherman’s Friend and so the joke works just as well – or badly depending on your point of view. )

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