Devils Say No To Drugs And Canadiens Say No To Devils

  The usually dangerous New Jersey Devils are welcomed by the now dangerous Canadiens Saturday night at the Bell Centre, and those horned-head buggers aren’t far behind our good guys. The Devils currently sit with 28 points in 23 games in the Eastern Conference. Montreal, on the strength of four wins out of five, have 34 points, six more than the Devils, but have also played two more than them also.


The photo is of the free binder that the Devils gave out at a home game I was at in the 1980’s at the big field across the tunnel from Manhattan.  The Devils say no to drugs. We sat behind the net, not far up, and it appeared we were near a bunch of the players’ wives. At least they seemed like players’ wives. Maybe they weren’t. They all sat together, had nice expensive clothes on, and they weren’t with men, so I put two and two together. 


The other thing I recall was Saturday Night Live cast member Jon Lovitz was somewhere in the stands. I know this because a camera put him on the big screen a half a dozen times or so and everyone cheered.


I also remember, from sitting behind the net, realizing just how wicked those shots come in to the goalie, especially the ricochets, which made me ask why anyone would want to be a goalie, and how could they stop these things in the first place.


After New Jersey, we went to Hartford for another game and I saw with my own eyes my old buddy’s sweater, Rick Ley’s, hanging in the rafters next to Gordie Howe’s. And it was Washington before the Jersey game where the Habs got skunked 5-0. All in all though, even with the disaster in Washington,  it was great fun.


The Canadiens game against the Rangers has us now licking our lips at the thought that the team is turning a corner and becoming the one everyone wants and had expected.

And this means taking it to the Devils Saturday night. No letting up, No screwing around with lines. No bad penalties. Just a solid, hard working 60 minute effort and a big break-out game from Alex Kovalev and the power play. 


And Mike is right. We need Roget Doucet to sing the National Anthem again.


Go Habs. Keep it going. Show yourselves and us that you’ve taken it up a notch.

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  1. How about those Canucks? snapped a 4 game slide and are back in 1rst place in the northwest division. Rumor has it Bobby Lou is back in a week, things are looking up again.

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