4 thoughts on “Devils And The Doctor Do the Deed”

  1. Dennis, Chris Lee officiated the game last night. He called a tripping penalty on Roman Hamrlik that lead to Devil’s first goal. Hamrlik was following Kovalchuk closely as Lee’s whistle blew. Kovalchuk did not hit the ice. There was no stick work or tripping of any kind. But Lee had another one of his acid-induced hallucinations and called the penalty.

    Markov was already off for roughing, leaving us with no defense and resulting in Patrik Elias’s goal.

    I hate Chris Lee. He cost us that game. We were dominant before that lame call. Chris Lee sucks

    Here is Lee practicing his lame calls:


    Even so, I don’t feel too bad about that game. The Devils do have a boring style, but they are effective. And we were in the game for most of the 60 minutes. If we face off against the Devils in the playoffs, we may pull off an upset, but we’ll have to pull out all stops. So long as we get half decent refs.

    We still can’t breathe easy yet. Boston, Philly and Atlanta are all teams we need to keep an eye on. One of them, or us, will not make the playoffs. The Devils play Philly today. I hope they play them as hard as they played us.

    Oh well, my Victory shirt should arrive in the mail any day now. That should turn our luck around dramatically.

  2. Chris Lee also played Dracula and other scary parts in the movies. What a guy. Actor, referee. And he must be about a 100 years old now. Oh, wait a minute, that’s Christopher Lee. Different guy. Never mind.
    And please hurry with the Victory shirt.

  3. Okay Dennis, I can now confirm my strategy of cheering for the Canadiens doesn’t curse them. So GO HABS GO!!!!!!

    I feel so much being able to cheer them on now.

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