Desjardins And Ramo Get A Couple Of Shots

The Habs and Tampa Bay did a little goalie swapping on Monday, and because it’s Habs news, it’s big news. Even though both goalies may or may not ever become decent NHL backstoppers.

Cedric Desjardins, who hails from New Brunswick, has gone to Tampa in exchange for Finnish goalie Karri Ramo who presently is the Omsk goaltender in the Kontinental Hockey League. The Canadiens, I suppose, are assuming the guy is coming back to North America. 

I feel no emotion about this trade whatsoever other than the fact Montreal loses a good Canadian boy. I never saw Desjardins when he was with the Hamilton Bulldogs, but apparently he wasn’t even the main guy in the Dogs’ playoff run. Curtis Sanford was. If Desjardins is going to have a big league career, he needs to pick things up a notch or two, and it apparently didn’t look like it was going to happen anytime soon in the Montreal organization.

Ramo is another who may or may not have an NHL career. He seems to be just another average goalie in the Russian league, and was an extemely mediocre four wins and ten losses with the Tampa Bay Lightning before signing a two- year deal with Omsk.

But all I know is what I’ve read. Which isn’t much.

Who knows, maybe Ramo will surprise and end up being the Habs number two guy behind Carey Price after Alex Auld’s one-year deal finishes. Maybe, maybe not. And memo to Price – You can sign any time now. How complicated can it be? 

This trade is not earth-shattering in my humble opinion. It’s two goalies nestled down the food chain, and all we can do is hope this newest addition to the Habs – Karri Ramo, takes the bull by the horns and shows everybody he’s worthy of someday putting on the real jersey.

In a perfect Habs world, Carey Price is magnificent, Alex Auld is much more than anyone ever expected, and Ramo, Sanford, and Robert Mayer are terrific in the minors. Is it asking too much?

One thought on “Desjardins And Ramo Get A Couple Of Shots”

  1. Judging from the feedback in the press and the Canadien blogs it’s a major blow to the Montreal organization and a further nail in PG coffin. I don’t know what to think about the trade but remember the negative reports about Desjardins from last year. Excellent stats for him made him seem like a can’t miss prospect but the reports found a lot of mistakes being made on his part and a definite lack of concentration. Not much of a trade to really get excited about either way at this time. French Canadian kid gone though and I think that gets some writers upset. Now if PG had tradede Pouliot for Stamkos all hell would have broken loose. After all Pouliot sounds french and Stamkos not french sounding enough.

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