Desharnais Saves The Day

It was wild and wacky, this Habs-Wild clash, with bodies flying and infirmaries busy and nastiness reigning supreme. And in the end, when the ice chips settled, the Canadiens earned their two points. The freakin’ hard way!

5-4 Habs. It should have been 4-1.

Was it a full moon on this night?

It was a Ryan White fight to kick things off, followed by an Aaron Palushaj stick in the eye, and hopefully the young buck is okay. We saw PK Subban blast one home on a 5 on 3 power play, and we saw Lars Eller convert a Scott Gomez pass during the same power play.

Then we saw Alexei Emelin take out teammate Erik Cole after mostly missing his Wild target, and Emelin also took an errant Yannick Weber stick in the face before Ryan White got two, a five, and a ten for pummelling a Wild player who was jabbing away at Carey Price.

Have you got all this so far?

Things got vicious every few minutes it seemed. Cal Clutterbuck, who seems to be missing a few screws, took out Rene Bourque’s knee in what could have been an unhealthy situation but wasn’t, and Alexei Emelin was driven dangerously into the glass by this Peters dude. Emelin was hurt on this play, and it seems players around the league have decided to go after our stud defenceman.

Which brings me to my new rant.

Two nights in a row, opposing players have taken exception to Emelin’s hard but clean hits, and they’ve come after him like he’s done something so terrible it defies description. No, he didn’t give their brother a wedgie, or danced with their mother’s brassiere on his head. What he does is throw bodychecks, and these panty-wearing sucks behave like an act of war has been committed.

Is this what hockey has evolved into? Players taking exception to being hit cleanly? Get used to it boys. Emelin will hit you hard the next time you play against him. And he’ll hit you hard after that too. I really hadn’t realized there are such babies in the league until now.

Aside from all the commotion that usually involved the penalty box, there was also a hockey game, and when it’s the Habs playing, you know it means blowing a lead. Which they did of course.

They had the Wild in the palm of their hands. It was going to be wrapped up clean as a whistle. But it wasn’t. It became 4-2. Then, with 1:43 left on the clock and the Wild goalie pulled, it was narrowed to 4-3.

And of course, with just 10 seconds to go and the goalie still on the bench, it became 4-4. A three-goal lead down the drain. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Those crazy Hab bastards.

To make the story short because it’s two in the morning and I want my bed, the overtime drew to a close, and on to the shootout they went where David Desharnais got the job done and Devin Setoguchi did a Broadway number on his way in and lost the puck to end this long and weird affair.

Random Notes:

Montreal scored three power play goals, which is rarer than a duck-billed platypus.

Minnesota remains 6 points out of a playoff spot and it’s their own fault.

This snaps the Canadiens five game losing streak, and with 17 games remaining, I’m thinking they need to win 16.

Saturday night Toronto pays a visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Habs could hammer another nail in the Leafs coffin?

Here’s the Setoguchi shootout attempt.

11 thoughts on “Desharnais Saves The Day”

  1. I know my objectivity can be questioned, but it seems like Chris Lee is officiating every game. I’m waiting to see if the Leafs will bring guns onto the ice without consequences Saturday. The non-penalty shot hook call was the icing last night. You know if the roles had been reversed, the scoreboard would have a 5-3 count after that play.

    The quality of on-ice officials have suffered in quality for years. It took the league years to welcome Swedes as players. The Swedish Elite league officials have to be more competent, and less bias, than this current collection of Habs haters policing the game. If Bettman wants the Rangers, Bruins, Leafs, and Flyers in the finals on a regular, become forthcoming with it. Just stop this charade claim of fair officiating. There is a double standard. And it’s hurting the credibility of the game.

  2. This team amazes me sometimes. It seems like every once in a while a game comes along that just defies expectations.

    I swear last night I was expecting a fairly dull game. I hoped for a win but expected a probable loss. Was I ever happy to be surprised (although blowing that lead sent me into fits – did I ever swear over that).

    It looked like a Mtl/Boston game. Amazing.

    The ref work was pretty damn awful last night but I loved how we’re now standing up for ourselves. When White gave that guy a few punches for his slash on Price I was so happy. Hell, Campoli even held him while White smacked him around. And the scrums – everyone seemed to be getting involved. It’s nice to see some passion here for once. If this is what the future looks like then we may see some great hockey again. I just hope Saturday’s game is as exciting as this.

    I’d love to see passion like this against Boston. Sadly we don’t see them again until next year.

  3. Not a fan of what White did with Campoli’s help but things happen in the heat of the moment and hopefully it won’t happen again. Just looked bad like a Lucic move but onto the good stuff. DD looks great in spite of what everyone says about him,too small,doesn’t shoot enough… I think no matter what his size or what they say about him he is a number 1 center. This kid has been through it all, undrafted, ECHL, AHL and now NHL. How much harder a path is there to get where he is and Patches says without him he would not be the player he is today. Doesn’t that say enough about him. Little big man with more heart than just about anyone. A little engine that could/Martin St.Louis story. He has produced everywhere when everyone said he couldn’t do it and if memory serves me it was Carbo who found him up north playin Jr. hockey. Maybe Gallegher will be just like him and with our new found size they will be allowed to skate without fear of being run over all the time. GO HABS GO! Playoffs or bust next yer with new mgmt please.

  4. Mike M. That hook was extremely questionable. Was Pacioretty off balance and that’s why it wasn’t called? I’m not sure. I agree, the officiating has had some head-scratching moments recently. Maybe the two-ref system isn’t so great after all. Or maybe some of these refs grew up hating the Habs because their dads and grandfathers hated them.And speaking of Bettman, I haven’t heard a peep out of him in months, it seems. Is he still alive?

  5. Darth, for me, even though they blew a big lead, I liked a few things about the Habs last night. I liked the feistiness, the pissed off moments, the fact that they’re not as soft now and don’t mind showing it. It’s the first step in about six steps that need to be adjusted. Changing the attitude of the team is a big one, and another huge reason why Gomez doesn’t fit into the scheme of thing. You’re so right, it’s nice to see some passion for a change.

  6. dra58, Desharnais is one of their best players for sure. I’m not a fan of a small team, but this guy is an exception. He’s just great and seems very likeable and I didn’t know that Carbo had found him. What’s going to go through our heads if Gauthier and Gomez and a few others are back again next year? I don’t know if we can take it. Hopefully the summer brings about necessary change and gets us excited and it seems that Gallagher should make the team next year. So if we’re bringing in a small guy like him, we need to get rid of a small guy. Like Gomez.
    Glenn Healy brought it up on HNIC last night, that the Canadiens are a small team and it made me wince. I thought with Cammy going and Bourque brought in we might not hear it as much. I hate hearing that.

  7. Gomez only played about five minutes. That alone could explain the increased intensity shown by the Habs last night.

    And it’s nice to know Staubitz is doing things to make the other team think twice about gooning out skilled players.

    Voters at Hockey Fights .com gave Staubitz the decision by a wide margin. It’s been quite some time since we’ve been able to say the Habs player won the fight…

  8. Dennis, you must have missed Bettman. It was nauseating to watch him on as he chatted with Costas. He’s trying to amp up his inter-city rinks and went to Capital Hill to ask for money. Trying really hard to push the market in the States. And using this whole “inter-city” poverty thing as a decoy to get that market (in my opinion, for whatever it’s worth). He makes me sick. The clip isn’t there anymore from what I can see, you may want to look for it and give me your take.

  9. Thanks Marjo. I didn’t know about the Costas interview and I’m going to look for it. I can’t believe the NHL, with all its money, is looking for financial help. Heck, they should just borrow from Gomez. Bettman’s a weasel. Most of these big shots are.

  10. DK, I agree to some of your points, but for me when you blow a 4 to 1 lead & rely on a shootout victory it almost felt like a loss to me. I don’t know what it takes to get NHL experienced guy’s to grasp the concept that the game is made up of 3 twenty minute periods!!

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