9 thoughts on “Desharnais Rocks The Universe”

  1. The reason why Gill wears #75 is because he was born in 1975 which was the reason Patrice Brisebois wore #71 (year of his birth) in his return to The Habs instead of #43 although #43 brought alot of boos his way in his first go around with Montreal……

  2. Martin, I’ve decided that if I can’t have #1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,12,16,18,19,23,29, or 33, then I’m only going to be stick boy. That’s the deal.

  3. I have to say I’d love to read the actual magazine (not the DD Joke story). It looks interesting! I love astronomy stuff.

    But getting back to DD – I really like the guy. He has energy, speed, and doesn’t give up. He still makes mistakes, like not shooting the puck enough and passing a bit too much, but he will develop into an awesome player.

    I have to bring up Gomez again (sorry folks) and say it’s very interesting to see that this rookie plays with more heart and intensity than Gomez does at a fraction of the pay.

  4. Going on the time travel theme, I’d have to check out the 56-60 Habs just because I’d want to see them in action with my own eyes. I wouldn’t even bet on any of it. I just want to see it live.

    Then I’d go check out the 76 Habs. I’d go to every damn game I could that season.

    Then I’d go to Patrick the day of that infamous Detroit game and talk to him..either convince him not to play or kidnap the guy so he won’t play and won’t leave!

    We’d be seeking Cup 27/28 by now.

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