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MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced Friday a four-year contract extension for forward David Desharnais (2013-14 to 2016-17). As per club policy, financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“David Desharnais is a talented young player and his contribution is essential to the success of our team. David has shown perseverance and determination which enabled him to reach the NHL and succeed. He has earned this contract extension and the Canadiens organization is pleased to have secured his services for many years to come,” said Bergevin.

The 26-year old center has played in each of the Canadiens 27 games since the start of the 2012-13 season. In his fourth NHL season, he has recorded 16 points (8 goals and 8 assists), including one power play goal and two game-winning goals. He also served 18 penalty minutes and averaged 16:41 of ice time per game.

Since making his NHL debut, the 5-foot-7, 177-pound forward recorded 99 points (32 goals, 67 assists) in 157 regular season games. Desharnais has a career plus-4 differential, eight power play goals and four game winners. He enjoyed his most productive NHL season in 2011-12, finishing third among the Canadiens top point getters with 60 (16 goals and 44 helpers). He also earned one assist in five playoff games in 2010-11.

A native of Laurier-Station, Quebec, Desharnais first joined the Canadiens organization as a free agent on November 5, 2008.ets Contract Exten

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this signing. For the most part, Bergevin has been spot-on in his signings (or re-signings), so it’s hard to be critical, but I don’t know if committing for four more years to an undersized player who isn’t having a great season (and for a team that isn’t all that big to begin with) is a great idea.

  2. Ian and Christopher, maybe four years is a little odd, and you’re right, it’s keeping a small guy locked up. But I also believe Desharnais is a valuable player, really smart with the puck, and often gets things done in a big way with a big goal or assist. I like the guy and I know he’s faced some criticism this year but I still think he’s fine. For me, two years might have made more sense.

  3. Mike, I guess the difference is, Desharnais’s decent sized ship has come in, but P.K.s massive ocean liner will dock in a couple of years.

  4. In other news Petteri Nokelainen is off IR and has been reassigned to Hamilton even though he’s on a one-way contract. I suspect this is just a reconditioning stint and will soon take Dumont’s place until Prust gets back.

  5. So if I can use the term mentioned above, while it isn’t a bridge contract like PK got it is perhaps a bridge contract to cover the time while Eller and Galchenyuk mature and become our true first and second line centers. That should happen in less than the 4 years but I think DD will still be useful and still under 30.

  6. Hasn’t been a good time for Nokelainen, not being able to take part in the new-look Habs. He played 51 games last year and as far as I can recall, there were nights when he was pretty good for sure. Maybe with him back the team will be better, or at least the fourth line. I’d really like to know how close Bourque, Diaz, and Prust are.

  7. I agree D-John. The way Eller’s been for weeks now, it should happen quickly, and I think Desharnais will always be a solid player out there. Really reliable, and he seems to be a good guy too.

  8. He do have a lot of good centres. Old man Plekanec is only 30, Desharnais is 26, Eller is 23, Galchenyuk 19. That’s a good list and not enough ice time for them all. And we still have Dumont and Leblanc both 22. White who turns 25 this weekend and Nokelainen 27 are more the type of player who should be on a fourth line.

  9. If David Desharnais keeps playing solid hockey like he has lately, this will be another wise signing by Marc Bergevin.

  10. An overabundance of good centres is a good problem to have. It’s easily solved by putting them on the wing.

  11. Dennis,

    Perhaps he has benefitted from easier minutes and zone starts but for me he is a player. He is NHL grade. No he’s not an elite centre but he he battles and seems to be able to find chemistry not just with Pacioretty. Good luck to him I say. If hockey becomes a game where only size matters, it loses something.

  12. It’s the second time today I heard the comment that its related to DD being French Canadian. This makes my blood boil like mad. Go ahead and ignore his hockey talent and focus on his ethnicity, why? Because you don’t think he’s worth the millions? I think some of you under-appreciate what he does. Or let me re-phrase this: if he plays a shitty game it’s all about him maybe being too small or not producing. If he scores, assists, sets up plays, scores in shootouts, stays disciplined, we hear crickets. Zippo. DD to me, is the most unappreciated player and if I were in his shoes and heard the discriminatory remark as above-mentioned, I’d be pissed. Please, for God’s sake, leave his ethnicity, skin color, whatever, out. I’m not sure some of you have any idea how you sound. Was Gomez sent to SJ to promote/encourage the Latino fan base? Do you see how awful that sounds???? Ooohhhh, I’m so mad…

  13. I should add the Habs got a heck of a bargain with Desharnais playing for entry level salary of only $500,000 and then $850,000 for this season and last season. He was worth much more than some other players (who I don’t need to name) who were earning huge salaries at the same time and just floating around.

  14. I agree, Danno. It shows that if you prove yourself, your ship will come in. Speaking of floaters, Therrien would have none of this nonsense so it begs the question – why would Martin and Cunneyworth give precious minutes to big time floaters?

  15. Maybe after all the damage done by Martin and Gauthier, Cunneyworth got the OK to tank for Galchenyuk by Molson who knew this season would be a whole new ball game.

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