Desharnais Called Up

Something had to be done, so 5’6″ David Desharnais has been called up from Hamilton to help an ailing team.

Because I can read minds and look into the future, I can see every person going to a game for the very first time that involves the Canadiens, saying to themselves or to the person beside them, “Wow, is that ever a small team!”

Desharnais is an inch shorter than Brian Gionta, a player so small he needs a booster chair on the bench.

3 thoughts on “Desharnais Called Up”

  1. Speaking on behalf of small guys, they can sometimes make a big difference. There is a better chance he actually has a heart than someone like Lapierre. Hopefully Desharnais plays and turns out to be another Theo. He has a lot to prove and will likely that way.

  2. Dennis, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore….

    First we get the Wiz.

    Then we surround ourselves with Munchkins…

    Somewhere over the rainbow the Habs will win another hockey game.

    Stay tuned.


    Habby New Year to Dennis and to everyone who comes here to shoot the sh*t. All the best for 2011!


  3. Not too many like Fleury, Mayo. But if can resemble slightly, that’s good. Lapierre took boxing lessons in the off-season but I guess he just doesn’t like it. He’s not exactly hammering people left and right.

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