Denied Bourque

You know what one of the saddest things is about the NHL lockout?

That we’re denied seeing all the Scott Gomez goals Rene Bourque come out of his coma. This was going to be his year. Three goals possibly. Maybe even four. Three solid heartbeats. Maybe even four. I just had this gut feeling, and now we won’t see any of it.

Darn lockout.

And on that note, Darth tells me he was out having a smoke down on Drummond St. in Montreal recently and Bourque and a hot little number walked by and got into a Land Rover. This tells me two things – that BMW must only give Habs players cars when there’s a season, and Bourque is actually alive.

3 thoughts on “Denied Bourque”

  1. In my copy of NHL13, Bourque is kicking some serious ass. He’s got over 20 goals and about 25 assists so far. I’m beating them all of course – I’m already at 40 goals for the season and 30 points. I’m making Crosby look like Gomez. 🙂

    The game is a blast – I’m a power forward and I’m having a blast smashing people into the wall. Montreal/Boston games are a hoot for this. I tried to smash Chara but I didn’t have much luck there, the damn guy kept getting out of the way. I did manage to nail Ference really hard though. I’m still hunting Marchand but no luck so far.

    According to a retweet by Kevin Paul Dupont someone close to the lockout said we’d have two more weeks of this bs and then the game would be back by November. God I hope so.

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