Deja Vu Decides Not To Rear Its Head As Habs End Mini-Slump

The thing almost smelled again. Leading 2-0 with three minutes left, and the Florida Panthers scored to close the gap. Just like the previous night in Buffalo. A blown shutout, and maybe another blown lead for the boys in bleu, blanc et rouge.

But it wasn’t to be, and the Canadiens, with two empty net goals by Tomas Plekanec, his 100th of his career, and Brian Gionta, sealed it and for the next day or so, all’s right in Habsland. But they sure don’t make it easy on themselves. Or their fans, the ones who insist on calling themselves “we.”

Oh well. We won. We’ve taken one step closer to a playoff spot. We are le meilleur du monde.

Canadiens opened it up in the first period with goals by Benoit Pouliot and Brian Gionta’s first of two in the night. But as we all know, 2-0 leads are not leads. Not with this team. It must be 6-0 before we can relax. But it rarely gets to be 6-0 with the Montreal Canadiens.

Random Notes:

In the second period, Jaroslav Spacek stopped David Booth dead in his tracks with a thunderous check which seemed completely legal. Hockey’s a tough sport, and this kind of check separates the men from the boys. This is also the kind of bone-rattling thump Doug Harvey liked to dish out way back when the team was slightly more dangerous than they nowadays.

Devils in town Saturday night. A real big test for the Canadiens, and if they can win this one, I forgive them for the Buffalo game.

Jaroslav Halak manned the pipes for the Habs. Presently, I’m feeling real bad for Carey Price. It’s like he can’t buy a break. He was in goal when his teammates self-destructed in Buffalo, and so he sits again. He could’ve been the guy tonight.

Here’s how it looks, folks.

Washington 109 – 8 games left
New Jersey 91 – 10 left
Buffalo 90 – 10 left
Pittsburgh 91 – 8 left
Ottawa 83 – 8 left
Montreal 82 – 7 left
Philadelphia 80 – 8 left
Boston 78 – 9 left

5 thoughts on “Deja Vu Decides Not To Rear Its Head As Habs End Mini-Slump”

  1. until price finds a way to pull off the big games the man with the “w’s” plays. he needs to bail out some idiots in front of him and that means 60 min. of brilliance

  2. Makes sense, Paul. Price has to find a way. and he has to find a way to kick his teammates in the ass.

  3. Dennis, it looks like the only possible threat to spoil our chance to make the playoffs is the Thrashers. They picked up one point last night losing to Toronot in O/T.

    With 76 points the Thrashers have eight games remaining:

    @ Car, Car, @To, @Wash, @Pitts, @ NJ, @ Wash, Pitts

    To get to 90 points they would have to win seven of the above eight games.

    Sure, anything can happen. But barring a complete collapse by our Habs, I don’t think we need to worry too much anymore.

  4. Danno, a lot of teams who are supposed to lose, did last night. It was excellent. If Montreal can beat the Devils on Saturday, that would clinch it for me. I’m one of those guys who sees a long slump starting after just one loss. But you know what, Danno? My story coming out in a few hours about Jenya puts everything in perspective for me.

  5. Man, that was a beautiful hit by Spacek. Open ice, nothing cheap, didn’t try to injure Booth. He just stopped him in his tracks.
    I’m starting to wonder, though, about Booth and Gagné, who got checked head-first into the boards the other night after turning his back to Volchenkov: dudes, you’ve gotten your brains scrambled already, have you thought that maybe you should look where you’re going (Booth), or accept the hit (Gagné)? I don’t know, there seems to be some disconnect there.

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