Defending The Team

I turned on my television and listened to journalist Steve Simmons and ex-GM Craig Button on TSN say why the Habs will take the biggest step backward in the east.

The biggest step backward in the east? Really?

Craig Button – They can’t rely on just Josh Gorges and Andrei Markov, who are coming off such major injuries. They lost Roman Hamrlik and James Wisniewski, and it’s just too much to ask. There are also questions marks. Can Scott Gomez rebound, and will Andrei Kostitsyn continue to be streaky?

Steve Simmons – Two big things – losing Wisniewski…. and Andrei Markov WILL NOT play.  He won’t play. You’re taking two major parts out of the team, and they’re relying too heavily on goaltending and I don’t see where they get better. You’re asking Price to be the best in the league and that is too much to ask.

My little rebuttal. Wiz was good but not great. He made a lot of mistakes last year handling the puck and finding himself out of position, and Chris Campoli could prove to be a fine addition. Montreal came within a goal of going on to big things last year, without Gorges, Markov, and of course Max Pacioretty. And Hamrlik, as solid and smart as he’s been, has been slowing down and will be even slower this year.

To Steve Simmons, maybe you’re right that Markov won’t be back. But how do you know this? Did you go to same medical school as Mark Recchi? And Price will be the best in the league regardless of if we ask him or not.

Did either of you consider that P.K. Subban, with a year under his belt, will be even better? Did you forget about Erik Cole adding size and scoring up front, along with a healthy Max Pacioretty? And maybe young Raphael Diaz and Alexei Yemelin, groomed in the KHL, will stick and be more than enough to replace Wiz and Hammer.

At the end of the show, a tweet was read that said the Leafs have as good a chance of making the playoffs as the Habs. Grrrrr.

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  1. Right off the bat I can tell you that Markov statement is bs. They talked about it on local radio and they said he didn’t know what he was talking about. Markov won’t play for a few weeks (at least) but he WILL be back this season.

    What gets me is that many people predict that we will for some reason be in the cellar this year. Last year we managed to do fairly well despite Gomez and a ton of injuries. Consider that we were only 6 points back from the Stanley Cup champs (ewww).

    This year we are even better. Price and Subban have shown nothing to make us worry. Gomez has been one of the best players on the team in the pre-season (go figure). Cole had played great, so has Cammy, and Diaz has looked pretty good. Pacioretty is back and looks like he hasn’t lost a step.

    How the hell can we be so low in predictions when you compare this year’s roster with last year? I don’t get it.

    I trust my own instincts over many of these predictions. I know for a fact that:

    1. Our roster is the best it has been in many years.

    2. We will have some great exciting hockey this season.

    3. We will do much better than last year in the standings. We may not win the division, but we will do better. I’d rather win the Cup than the division title anyways.

    4. We will go very far this year, and I get the feeling the Cup will be ours.

    The only way I’d agree with this idea (being in the basement in the stats) is if Price were to go down with an injury. Barring that, we’ll do damn well this year.

  2. Right on, Darth. I can’t agree more. I disagreed with almost everything these dudes said on TV, and I agree with everything you’ve said.

  3. Analysts know f*ck all. All I know is I have been waiting for this season for over a year. None of us know Markov’s status including those clowns above. What scares me are the dirty players in the league who will target Markov’s knees. His knees are getting so much media play.

    Gorges is 100% and that was evident from the fall he took last game. Scarey but he was out the next minute.

    Price will be Price. And Subban will be even better. Max Pac, Erik Cole will demonstrate on the ice. And I am a Gomez believer. He has shamed himself and he will be better, especially with Max on his line. There are too many plus’s on this team to ignore and I don’t give a rat’s ass or two turtle farts what these idiots say. Who’s listening anyways? All will be proven on Thursday against lowly Leafs.

  4. Mayo, my main point for this story was the fact that they seemed to think Markov won’t be back and how would they know? These people like to hear themselves talk.

  5. Even if the worst case happens and Markov doesn’t come back, how is this a step backwards for the Canadiens? We never really had him last year. Markov only provides the possibility of a giant leap forwards.

  6. Dennis,

    At least you get to see these donoughts….

    This summarises my situation quite nicely.

    Last season I could get games streamed on ESPN online for £70 of yer english covering the regular season. The beauty of it was the playback feature so I could get my beauty sleep.

    Now I think I can get it it direct on nhl game centre but it’ll cost me just over £100.

    Is this just for the regular season or post season as well? The site isn’t clear. If it’s regular season that’s a heck of an increase for us poor Brits.

    As I only have poor peoples’ TV (i.e terrestrial )and don’t have cable, satellite etc. the TV rights problem doesn’t affect me but I feel sorry for my fellow Euro fans.

    Tell me it wouldn’t be like this if Canadiens ran Hockey?

    And feel the rage…….

  7. Blue Bayou, it seems they still might get something in place if I read it right. Otherwise, I don’t know how you do it. And if this is the way it’s going to be over there, I’m going to abandon my plans to move to London to form a supergroup. I’ll just stay here and listen to so-called experts take big dumps on the Habs. But good luck on getting the games. It’s very sad and I hope they resolve it. Of course it’s the NHL who love to shoot themselves in the foot so I’m not holding my breath. At least you don’t have to see the NHL Awards show every year. Or do you? Probably the worst awards show in the history of awards shows.

  8. Danno, I’m putting this in favourites. There may come a time when this could come in handy. I have no idea how it works. Do you just click on the game when it starts and it comes up?

  9. I’m not sure Dennis. I guess that’s how it works. The way I know about it is people on HIO and Twitter asked for an online site they could watch some of the games on and this one came up. I never tried it myself though.

  10. Danno, if you ever hear of anything more regarding this, please let me know. I’m clueless and it’s something I need to know.

  11. As far as I know Dennis you just have to click on a link (one of the streams) and it will take you to a place that shows the game. I tried it now and that’s all I had to do. There were no games of course but the links seemed easy to use.

    There is also the Gamecenter package. You will get all the games and playoff games as well. It’ll set you back a few bucks though.

  12. If it’s a feed that brings the delights of Jack Edwards then I’d rather go without and stare at a blank wall all night.

  13. The blog is pretty simple…lots of people stream the games for free so what i do is post the links to the ones that stream habs games. The streams are usually hosted on or Ustream and they tend to change from game to game.

  14. Thanks, Boris. I’ve never done it before and I’d been wondering if I can somehow get games if I’m in, say, the US. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of seeing games online. Great job.

  15. Dennis, I just tried the link for the Habs online TV and it’s just like similar ones I tried. Just click on the first one and it will connect you to RDS and it is currently streaming the pre-game show (L’Avant Match)

  16. There’s rarely a problem with streaming from the US and that’s why I try to get a variety of streams (english, french, high definition, lower def for people with slower computers). I know the bigger sites like Yahoo and CBC limit themselves to Canada so I try to avoid putting those ones.

  17. That’s really awesome, Boris. I reember a few years ago we were in California, the Habs playing a playoff game one night, and I was confident we’d just watch it on the computer on CBC. And it was blacked out. That was when I started to worry about getting games down there.

  18. Danno, this is really a great solution for me. I know I’m behind the times because I know streaming’s been around for awhile, but it least I’m clueing in now.

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