Decision Made On Gallagher

The Canadiens have just announced that Brendan Gallagher has been sent back to his junior team, the Vancouver Giants, and there’s no doubt the young fellow gave his all, impressed everyone, and will be on the big club faster than we can say Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­pokai­whenua­ki­tana­tahu. (a hill in New Zealand).

Gallagher did admit after the Tampa game that he found it tougher and that the competition had gotten harder as things went along. But these are all parts of complex growing pains, and he’s a young guy with lots of time.

Forward Michael Bournival, another who did a nice job in preseason, also got the news that he’s returning to his junior club, the Shawinigan Cataractes of the QMJHL.

Kudos to these guys and anyone else who remained or still remains with the big club. They’ve shown they are very fine hockey player for sticking around so long. I also know that this year I’ll be paying closer attention to the Vancouver Giants and anywhere else where our young prospects punch the clock. 

I’m curious about the evolution of all our prospects, and in particular, young Mr. Gallagher.

We want the future to look bright for our team, and I think it does.

3 thoughts on “Decision Made On Gallagher”

  1. I’m ok with this idea. I’d much rather he go down and get more experience and maturity and then come back when he can blow us all away. If we kept him it might ruin him. We need to be careful with our prospects.

    I’m sure he may be disappointed but in the long run this will work out very well for him.

  2. Darth, Gallagher said it was getting tougher for him so we know he’s not strong enough or ready enough just yet. But down the road, if all goes well, he could be a good one for sure.

  3. Would he have been eligible to go Hamilton? His development would probably be faster in the AHL than the WHL. But I vaguely remember some rules against junior age players.

    Danno’s Canadien’s link says we’re now down to 23 healthy players; the cuts could be done. However with 4 regulars still injured, I don’t think we’ll have any healthy scratches.

    Anyone have a list of the players without guaranteed contracts still on the team? Is this correct? Blunden, Diaz, Engqvist, Palushaj, Woywitka, Yemelin

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