Deciding The Captaincy Is Just Way Too Easy


It’s incredibly easy to figure out who will replace Saku Koivu as the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens. It could be one of the guys who has been on the team for awhile, or it could be one of the new guys, or it could be neither and just have three assistants, or the captaincy could move around with different players taking turns, or it could be Carey Price, like Roberto Luongo is in Vancouver and Bill Durnan was a handful of decades ago, or it could be the team’s best player, which is Andrei Markov, or it could be a player who’s not the best player but shows leadership, or it could be done by a popular vote, or the coach could decide.

Isn’t that easy?

I’m not in favour of one of the new guys becoming captain because you don’t just waltz into Habsland and be given the C. The idea is almost shocking. You have to feel the love, let the history soak in.

Is Andrei Markov a true leader, or just a great defenceman who does the job and goes home afterwards? Like me, in my job.

Giving the captaincy to Carey Price might elevate his game because with the C comes responsibility which in turn creates confidence. But somehow, I’m thinking it won’t work, and he’s still a babes-in-arms.

Who are we left with if the captain isn’t a new guy, Markov, or Price? Let’s see:

There’s the Kostitsyn brothers, but I think Youppi would be a better choice than them. (no offence, Kostitsyn brothers.) There’s Georges Laraque, but we need a captain who sees ice time. Guillaume Latendresse is still trying to find his place. Tomas Plekanec doesn’t seem the captain type at all and most of us are mad at him right now. Josh Gorges shows leadership. Maybe him. Roman Hamrlik? Maybe. Ryan O’Byrne? Nope.

What about Maxim Lapierre? He’s a guy who’s blossoming, he shows up every night, and don’t forget, the captaincy doesn’t mean the best player.

Really, there’s only one guy left who should be captain. He’s a team guy, everyone loves and respects him, he’s a winner, he’s been captain before and knows what it takes, and he understands the pressure of playing in Montreal. He’s perfect.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new captain of the Montreal Canadiens should be – Jean Beliveau!

8 thoughts on “Deciding The Captaincy Is Just Way Too Easy”

  1. Beliveau would be a great choice, but only for the end of the regular season and the playoffs. Before he can take the job of leading Montreal to the cup, he already has the task of captaining team Canada to Olympic gold. Never having the opportunity to win in that Canadian sweater is probably the only achievement he’s ever missed.

    But I think this is the perfect solution. This will give the rest of the team some time to develop and show leadership, but without any stress. They’ll all know that when it counts they’ll have the best captain to lead them.

  2. Thanks Christopher. Now that the captaincy problem is solved, can you explain to me why they haven’t called me up to be stickboy?

  3. Dennis Kane = BC Ferries most valuable employee and undisputed team leader. He does it all for the love of the company and rumor has it he took a pay cut to stay with the company. Now thats a team player.

  4. Pay cut? They should be paying me triple. They should be paying me what Scott Gomez makes. But noooo. I’m just a slave to the man.

  5. Stickboy doesn’t properly utilize enough of your skills. The team flirted with giving you a management position, but they just couldn’t figure out which one. They opened a spot for you at owner, but the Molsons jumped in with their millions. Mere days after reading about your impatience, Gainey promptly went and completely rebuilt the team.

    The team realized the power in your role as unofficial team blogger was more important than any official capacity. So although they had also opened several coaching positions specifically for you, they filled them all with other suitable candidates. They just couldn’t risk restricting the independence, freedom or quality of the writing.

  6. I was also hoping to be the official guy in charge of making sure the players’ wives are comfortable but I haven’t heard back about that either. I guess I’m just the guy with the power behind the scenes. Sigh.

  7. My pick would be Lapierre……..he works hard game in and out, great dealing with the media and the public, loves playing for the CH, and is a great person and gentleman outside the rink…I know based on meeting him many times in Hamilton in his tenure playing for the Bulldogs.

  8. I’m a big fan of Lapierre too. He’d be a good choice. I’ve always appreciated the guys who get their noses dirty.

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