Dear Wife

The title was supposed to be Dear Lucy and not Dear Wife, but I thought people might think it was about Lucic and we can’t have that.

My wife Lucy is in a Russia right now and she’s a huge Habs fan who happens to be missing this dramatic little thing we call the Habs-Bruins series.

She’s missed a lot, don’t you think?

Dear Lucy,

Game six was a beauty. Your favourite player Pleks was great. Your other favourite player Max came through in a big way. Your other favourite player P.K. carries on in his superstar ways. And one of your new favourite players Dale Weise flexed his muscles in front of Milan Lucic, mocking the thug for his actions in game five.

The boys skated and never stopped working, and your favourite player Carey Price, who reminds you of your son Denis, shut the door. And I’m happy to report that your favourite blond-haired player Lars, who you want to mother, has continued to shine.

I also want you to know that your favourite Russians (aside from your sons of course), Andrei and Alexei are crunching bones, giving Carey a hand around the crease, and making sweet passes, just like you knew they would.

You’d be so proud of the whole bunch of them.

The Bruins of course are oily greaseballs as you know, and they don’t represent normal North American humans, as you also know. More like those annoying Ottomans from a few centuries back that your ancestors disagreed with.

You really need to get up at 3 am and watch if you can find a channel showing it. Or have recorded Putin speeches and clips of him playing beer league hockey preempted everything else?

I know you’d be a nervous wreck and maybe it’s a good thing you’re in Russia right now and not watching it. And with you being away, the cat’s eardrums are finally healing after being near you when the Canadiens scored big ones in the Tampa series.

I just wish you were here so you could have seen how well they played in game six, and experience the excellent atmosphere around Montreal right now. It’s like the Bolshevik Revolution, only bigger and more important.

Could you also cook me some lasagna and mail it?

Miss and love you,


5 thoughts on “Dear Wife”

  1. Oh how swell the reunion will be !!!!!May our Habs game 7 see you thru these DAZE bro! P.K. brings the Bell to their feet—- P.K. brings the TD place[Boston ] to their tears . Dennis’ blog allows us all to have a voice. I’m dedicating this playoff run to “THE OLDER FOLKS” on this site who faithfully endured 21 years of nothing big, and lots of broken dreams. IT’S TIME WE HAD NEW HEROES ON # 25!!!!!
    + You younger fans———-you may have seen the rest —NOW YOUR SEEING THE BEST!!!! THANK YOU to ALL you crusty ole coots who kept my hopes alive this year, Dennis my son wants to take me to the Bell for the fist home game next season to hear the crowd. If that happens— IF— we may call you for a tour guide for the nite.

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