Dear Team

Dear Montreal Canadiens,

In next year’s NHL Entry Draft, can I be one of the little kids that goes up on stage? I was turned down as stick boy and then flag boy, so I’m asking nicely if I can now be draft boy.

Oh, you say you have to be the owner’s son or something? Crap, it’s a big stage and there’s room enough for me too. That’s a lousy excuse. Just kick one of the suits off.

And what has the owner’s son ever done? Has he ever spent thousands of dollars on Molson beer? Does he own a bottle of Pit Lepine Froz-Ex? Has he even heard of Sprague Cleghorn? Hah, I thought not. And he’s up there being a big shot.

Please give me a chance. I’m fairly good at shaking hands, smiling for the camera, and looking kind of goofy, which is what the job calls for, doesn’t it?



And look at these other little bastards.

5 thoughts on “Dear Team”

  1. Dear DK,

    thank you so much for your letter. Thank you for spending all that money on Molsons beer. It sure helps pay for Scott Gomez’s salary. By the way Scott sends his regards. We are here at my summer cottage fishing. He is so much fun to be around. He has an amazing sense of humor and we both look forward to him centreing the second line and 1st PP unit.

    Please be aware that Les Habitants have seriously considered your request to accompany the Montreal Canadiens on stage at the 2013 NHL Draft. Unfortunately, until pigs fly out of my ass or the Montreal Canadiens re-signing Scottie Gomez; little chance exists for this to happen. However, as a consolation, I am enclosing a signed photograph of Scott Gomez”s nephew wearing a Habs jersey.

    Please continue to enjoy the Molson’s beer. And thank you for taking the time to write us. Next time, please try the blue crayon as red is difficult to decipher.


    Geoff Molson, Owner
    Montreal Canadiens

  2. Mayo….brilliant! And Dennis….I already have next years spot locked up. The draft is in Sudbury, right? That’s what Geoff said….

  3. Harley, sorry. The draft is in either Orillia or New Jersey. You’re in Sudbury? I have great memories of the place of when I was there as a bartender.

  4. Hobo, yes indeed, I was in Sudbury during the ’72 series. And I became a pretty darn good bartender at that time too.

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