“Dear Rocket…You’re My Favourite Player And….”

When I was a kid I would pull out the old Remington typewriter, seen here, and compose letters to Maurice Richard and sometimes to the team in general. I’d sit at the kitchen table in our tiny house and click away as my mom baked or cooked nearby, and sometimes she sat beside me and offered advice on what to say to these larger-than-life gods who wore the CH.

I was answered many times. The Rocket sent me a Christmas card once, and the team would send programs and photos and nice letters from various office staff.

Rocket also sent signed photos, which I still have. One of them, in a frame, has been on bedroom walls wherever I’ve lived over the years. But if I was moving around or living with a bunch of people who liked to party and create havoc, which was the case often, the picture and my other treasures remained safely in a box until a more stable time.

Here’s what the Rocket sent. My dad trimmed the bottoms off two of them, which showed the Dow brewery logo. I guess he figured at 8 or 9 I was too young to be tempted by beer.

7 thoughts on ““Dear Rocket…You’re My Favourite Player And….””

  1. You know what I like Dennis? I like seeing that your fancy little NHL Power Rankings doodad has us moving up from seventh place to fourth place this week.

  2. That’s good to see, Danno. I’ve been undecided about this doodad but they’re up to date so for now I’m keeping it. Fourth is a fine number so the thing lives to see another day.

  3. I did , Hobo! In the early ’90s’s in Calgary where he was refereeing an old-timers game. I asked Jimmy Mann, outside the dressing room, if Rocket was available and Mann went in and got him and Rocket came out. I was with my sister and the three of us talked, I asked him about his family, and then Carla took a picture of us. I said thanks Rocket and he said,”wait a minute, I want a picture with your sister” so we traded places and I took one of him and Carla. He was really, really nice, really warm and friendly, and happy to meet us. He was everything I’d hoped.

  4. Ah, Dennis, you still honor Maurice Richard and the entire Canadiens organization. Your blog is witty, informative and written with style. You haven’t changed much from that typewriter and passion for the game. Fantastic!!

  5. Diane, may the Montreal Canadiens, the next time they’re in Boston, show up at your door with flowers and take you out for a night on the town.

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