Dear Montreal Canadiens: I’d Like To Apply For…..

Dear Montreal Canadiens:

Enclosed is a photo of me taken before I grew my beard. This is only to show you I have big muscles and would like to apply for tough guy fighter on the team now that Georges Laraque is no longer there.  And now with Max Pacioretty and Matt D’Agostini being sent to Hamilton, there should be a spot available for me right away.

I can skate quite well but need work on my shot, although I’m sure assistant coach Muller will be willing to put in some extra time with me in this regard.

Thanks for your consideration,

D. Kane


7 thoughts on “Dear Montreal Canadiens: I’d Like To Apply For…..”

  1. Hey Dennis;You know that we all would have a hard time believing,even understanding why you would want to look like that.His package is the smallest part of him.It looks like somebody took a whole bunch of large hemmroids and pasted them on his body,not nice,stick with your job on the ferry my friend.

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