8 thoughts on “Dear God….”

  1. Relax on Bettman as he is only the mouthpiece for the owners. He may not be as polished as Fehr but he is just like him – the face of the owners. He will only have a job as long as he does as they tell him to and as long as he takes all the bad press for them. The reality is its greed vs greed. In what world do employees get 57% of profits and owners get 43%. No other big time sport does this.

  2. Gary always strikes me as the kind of guy who would smile at you with that awful sarcastic smile he has as he destroys your life.

  3. What we have is a basketball guy & a baseball guy running this gong show. Where are the hockey guys? This from a line out of Coolhand Luke spoken by the great Struther Martin ” What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

  4. ” Bettman is only the mouth piece of the owners” this is exactly why we should not lay off. For me his face creates a perfect visual of the owners. Any vicious attracts on him that seem personal are in reality attacks on his bosses. He gets paid millions to take the shit whether it is personal or not. It is his job to take the rap. He is probably a very nice dude but that is beside the point.
    ” It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you look” (David Lee Roth of Van Halen)

  5. Another thing about Bettman. I’m sure that he needs to be more proactive than just being a voice of the owners and negotiating guy. To make the kind of coin he is pulling down he must have a creative plan for making the owners money. You don’t get paid big bucks unless you are making the boss serious doe-ra me. Being a bright guy, Gary decided to go for the pot. The pot of course being the whole North American market, southern expansion to non hockey markets. Better know in these parts as, never hockey markets. Can you think of any owner or group of owners that would keep that flailing dream alive this long? No. It’s Buttman’s baby. They are squirming and trying to crawl out of the ever deepening hole. So don’t drink the fear laced kool-aid about ticket prices and other unimportant things.

  6. Hobo, I agree. For eight million bucks, Bettman’s task is to make the owners millions. He’s being stubborn so far and I don’t expect things to change. His legacy will be three work stoppages over the years if things go the way they seem to be going. I’m not for either side, and I’m definitely not feeling the love for The Buttman.

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