David Booth – Tim Thomas’ Soulmate

It appears Bruins’ goalie Tim Thomas isn’t the only ultra-right wing, redneck nutcase in the NHL.

This was in the Vancouver Province last week, written by Nolan Kelly, and apparently it caused a sensation on Twitter. It’s about Canucks winger David Booth, who definitely isn’t a hippie. In Defense of Criticizing David Booth

And so you can know this fellow a little more, here’s a previous Province story about Booth and his hunting exploits, which also lit up Twitter-world. Left Winger With A Right Wing Agenda

I’m using my right to freedom of speech to say I don’t like this guy. Canucks fans can have him.

16 thoughts on “David Booth – Tim Thomas’ Soulmate”

  1. Thanks for keeping us aware of the knuckleheads. Sometimes (especially this week) it seems they are running low.

  2. Wow. That guy is really something else. Yeah, thank god he’s not our problem.

    I have a very hard time with hunting. I know it exists and it always has but some hunters are just the biggest jackasses ever.

    When I went to visit my father’s family in Gaspe, a guy showed up in a big truck in the mall parking lot. He was hauling an ATV that he uses when he goes hunting. On it, in the front, was a large moose head and it was covered with antlers. All I could think of it was those poor animals had to die because this jackass had to show how great he was and how much of a “big man” he was.

    Then I talked to a relative whose friend would routinely shoot deer in the leg and go off to do something else and then come back later in the day to kill it. So he’d shoot the poor animal and cripple it, leave it in pain all day and come back when he felt like it to put it out of its misery. The guy would laugh about it.

    I don’t want to paint all hunters with the same brush but some of them are king-sized assholes. Colby Armstrong is a hunter as well but he doesn’t seem to be this way (at least not publicly). Booth strikes me as a real loudmouth.

    Funny how he’s all about “Christian Values” yet is very cavalier about death. I’m sure Jesus would just love seeing that.

  3. From the articles it appears that Canucks fans don’t want him. Maybe he’ll be run out of town like Thomas was out of Beantown.

    Booth as a kid took too many slapshots off his unhelmetted noggin and cut a lot of classes to do so. The religious school he was enrolled in didn’t care if he only missed classes in the unnecessary subjects like science and history. After all they only introduce annoying contradictions in the all important religious indoctrination classes.

    In the Vancouver Sun’s sports blog Pass It to Bulis article to which Kelly respoded
    In response to a fan that told him to “take his guns and BS and get out of town”, Booth responded, “I’m not in town and I don’t have guns.”

    He doesn’t deny that he’s full of BS, since there he is holding a shotgun in the old article above.

  4. Nice tree, Danno. NRA would love it. I can’t stand these types of rednecks. They bank it all on being Christians but in reality, they’re not a kind and loving bunch. And the hunting part disturbs me. I understand when it’s time to keep the deer population down because it can become a problem, but I’ve never understood blowing the brains out of a defenseless animal for sheer sport. David Booth has become my new NHL enemy. We can make fun of Gomez and Marchand, but with this guy, it’s serious business.

  5. Darth, that’s so disturbing and so sad about the guy shooting deer and coming back later. I’d love to do the same thing to him. Shoot him in the leg and see how funny he thinks it is. I come from an extremely animal-loving family, and I don’t understand this sort of thing at all.

  6. Christopher, I can only imagine what Booth (and Thomas) would have been like in the 1960s. They’d be the guys taking longhairs into the alley and cutting their hair, or swerving at longhairs on the road hitchhiking, and all that sort of nonsense. My friends and I went through all this back then when we had long hair. I like the hard-working, understanding type of redneck. The other kind, like these two, are a scary bunch.

  7. With the right wing nut-jobs today, I can see a short transition from grabbing hippies to give them a beating and haircut in the alley to drive-by, scare them straight gun shots in general direction.

  8. Hobo, he says it’s to maintain the population, which is why people hunt deer too. I suppose that’s better than hunting for fun. And Booth is a Tea-Party-type redneck to boot.

  9. I’m a gun owner and have a hunting licence, although I don’t hunt. I’m for hunting for the most part. All the hunters I know out in the country where I live are cool. They hunt, they eat what they hunt. Coyote hunting, however, is a sport. And because it is very challenging to bring down a coyote it is becoming very popular as a sport. Keeping down the coyote population is a bit of bullshit excuse. If Carey Price wants to shot coyotes I’m not going to get too upset, as long as he doesn’t try to bring Jesus back into the schools, David Booth’s solution to the gun issue, and the true sign of a redneck.

  10. Hobo, out here, especially on Texada Island, the deer get way out of control, way too many, and I know hunters who go over and do their thing. I’m okay with that. And sometimes they’re all over the road and we hit them. I hit one going to work about a year ago and the car was wrecked. So they can get out of hand.But Darth’s story about the guy who wounded them and came back later really disturbed me. This kind of thing I’m against completely.

  11. I don’t know a lot about Texada but something doesn’t seem right and I do have some questions. But let me first say I understand there are some situations were pest control is warranted. Texada prides itself as a destination free of predators such as wolves, cougars, coyotes and poisonous snakes, etc. A nice place for your family vacation or retirement. Are deer native to Texada? If so, why no predators? Were the deer’s natural predators wiped out? Could this be an anomaly of nature or is this the arrogance of man trying to control nature? It somehow seems out of sync with the balance of Mother Nature. Why is it morally ok to hunt in this situation and not in the more traditional sense? Surely, we are not taking Darth’s anecdotal evidence, disturbing as it is, as anything close to the norm for the average hunter. I rather suspect some people do………As far as coyotes and the history of coyote killing, I do know a lot. So when I say coyote killing is a sport, I am not saying it for dramatic effect. I am not passing judgement on Carey and his buddies because I don’t know the details. However, the wanton killing of our most magnificent, yet very nasty predator is disgusting and should not get an automatic pass because we are conveniently able to label it “population control”.

  12. Hobo, I don’t know about predators on Texada but I do know that there’s tons of deer there. Actually, the entire area around here is full of deer. There were three in my yard yesterday. They’re all over the place. Lots of hunters go to Texada for their quota. I don’t have a problem with this at all. There’s way too many around here and it’s dangerous on the highways.

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