Dastardly Arch Rivals

This is one of the earliest pictures I’ve seen of Orillia kids on one of the house league teams that my team would play against. Notice how dastardly they look.

From teams such as this were plucked a few players to play on the all-star team and travel around to Huntsville and Midland and Collingwood and Barrie, all the while dreaming of someday making the NHL.

The guy in the middle, with the C on his sweater, is John French, an old teammate of mine when he was a centreman on some of those all-star teams, and I was his smallish-yet-shifty right winger. John would become Montreal Canadiens property when he got older, although he never played for the big club before bolting to the WHA where he enjoyed some fine seasons with the New England Whalers and others.

This is a previous story I’d written about John. And yes, he was a Damn Fine Hockey Player.

7 thoughts on “Dastardly Arch Rivals”

  1. dennis, the kid in the back row below and between the 18 and 19 is yours truly. can you send me that shot please?

  2. i downloaded the shot of this page……. i was so excited i forgot what century we were in and how to use a computer.

  3. Hobo, that’s fantastic. I never would have known. I looked at the faces and can only recognize a few. I had no idea you were there. Just great.

  4. Hobo, that innocent little kid doesn’t look capable of being dastardly.

    I wonder how many wanted to be Leafs. That team of pee-wees could have provided better competition than the team that played tonight.

  5. You’re right Christopher, that team won the Squirt championship that year….. My one and only……

  6. Hobo, you were part of the Squirt champs which automatically makes you a better player than Scott Gomez. (Does that make sense?)

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