8 thoughts on “Darth’s Newest”

  1. Danno, it’s always sad to see a guy go, but the truth is, we needed more from him and others and we need much more now, all the way through the lineup. This is the year of change and upgrade. Having said that, I wonder if his good looking wife needs consoling.

  2. Darche was a very good character player and filled the requirement for a local French Canadian. His first two years with Montreal were fairly productive, but he regressed this past year. Giving him a two year, guaranteed one-way contract is risky, he’s turning 36 later this year, it’s not as if he has untapped potential. I sincerely hope a team gives him his desired contract. But if no one does, I hope he considers returning to provide us depth and even better earn himself a spot in Montreal. Play so well we can’t send him down.

  3. Line the walls of the Bell Centre? Why thank you Dennis – hopefully someday. When I make the big bucks I’m getting season tickets and you’re invited. 🙂

    I liked Darche and it’s sad to see him go but I am sure he’ll do fine. I’m pretty sure he’ll be picked up by someone. I bet it will be Tampa.

    Only a few more days to the big day. Man I wish we could get Parise here!

  4. Darth, you are a master, Your work of arts should & needs to be displayed not only on this site but to all Hab fans! Do a DK and send onto Les Canadiens, but I hope they don’t pull a jerk-off & say you are infringing on their copyright like they did to some poor pizza Hab fan!!
    Cheers Mike

  5. The beauty of my situation Mike and Danno is that this is considered “fan art”. I don’t make any money from it and I’m really small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. So I should be okay. Of course with my luck watch me get a letter in a week or two saying I’m being sued!

    Thanks for the compliments Mike – I really appreciate it.

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