Darth’s Newest!

Darth sends his newest creation, an image he describes as almost cartoony, of our great young rookie Alex Galchenyuk, and it fits in wonderfully with his previous works of art below it.

It’s always a good day when a Darth piece shows up, and of course his latest is just beautiful. The portfolio is growing nicely.


10 thoughts on “Darth’s Newest!”

  1. Darth, I love this!!! What medium is it? You really captured their expressions.

    I wish there was a game tonight. In fact, how great would it be if we had a game every other night non-stop?!

  2. And Marjo, the season’s going so fast. Just 15 games left. I prefer the normal-length season.

  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

    Danno – next up is Prust, then probably Pacioretty, and then most likely Gallagher.

    Homme – Thanks a lot. I try to go for pictures that are a bit different than usual poses, sadly sometimes they’re hard to find.

    Chris – Someday I hope to have a big body of work to show. I don’t know about a store though. If Dennis is there he may chase all the ladies away. 🙂

    Marjo – They’re all done on computer, except for Sandy Koufax which was done with a black pencil (did it years ago). I use photoshop for everything now. It’s a lot less messy!

    I wish we had a game every night. Damn rest for the team. They don’t need it. 😉

  4. Holy crap Danno! That’s pretty cool. There is a guy on twitter using my Jean B as his wallpaper. I just think that’s awesome and makes my day.

    Thanks Mike – now that I’m somewhat “faster” I hope to get many more done.

    I make a promise though…when we win the next Cup, I going to turn the group photo with the Cup into a picture. It may take me forever but I’ll do it.

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