8 thoughts on “Darth’s New Creation”

  1. Free ticket? Put me down for a few CDs then. Just make sure they’re down low and not the very last row in the place please. I can’t wait to hear the CD and see the music videos!

  2. And Darth, the first 1000000 CD buyers also get 8 free chicken wings at La Cage every time Montreal scores five or more goals!

  3. Danno – HAH!!!! Perfect! Our new theme song for Mr. Bourque. You’re a genius. The Left Banke were one of those one or two hit wonders in the mid-sixties. I liked Walk Away Rene. it was a catchy tune then. Now you’ve brought it back with a whole new meaning!!!

  4. Christopher, I’m also the inventor of coloured salt although I haven`t done anything about it yet.

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