Darth’s Bruins Picture

Darth was screwing around on his computer last year and made this totally unnacceptable picture of innocent Bruins players wearing knee socks and funny shorts, and if any of you Bruins fans don’t find it funny and want to bring Darth down, I don’t blame you. His address is 11 Gomez St., Shaved Head, Saskatchewan. But keep in mind, Darth is a bouncer at the Ritz Blues Bar and Eatery, was once a stuntman and bodyguard, and doesn’t take any shit.

And yes, Zdeno Chara is shorter here, which leads me to believe he wears lifts in his skates. And if he has been, this could be considered cheating and we should replay the 2011 playoffs.

3 thoughts on “Darth’s Bruins Picture”

  1. Dennis, I was also an international spy (Bourne and Bond were both based on my exploits) don’t forget.

    I got one bad remark over this picture…Chara’s height. Like the rest of the pic looks all that realistic. I swear when they won that series my heart broke in a million pieces. I think I did this when we had a 2-0 lead in the series. I bet I jinxed the Habs.

    A funny story: years ago near where I work there was this strip club and the bouncer there (more like a guy who brings in customers, he “sells” the place to people walking by) looked exactly like me. We could almost be brothers because we looked so much alike. People actually thought we were and for a time I wondered if my dad had met a woman and got her pregnant and this was my long lost brother.

    Anyways, I go to the bank near there and I’m waiting to finish with the teller when all of a sudden I get a big slap across my rear end. I jump about 5 feet in the air and look back and I see this guy who looks at me with a big smile on his face that soon turns to sheer horror. He thought I was that bouncer. His attitude changed in an instant and he became extremely apologetic. He must have said sorry about a hundred times.

    I laughed like hell during this but the poor guy was so mortified that he couldn’t relax.

    If any Bruins fans want to bitch about this pic, go ahead – and yes I know Chara is too short. It was kind of done that way on purpose. They’re so sensitive those Bruin folks.

  2. Dennis, that’s hysterical! I laughed and enjoyed the photoshop product. But then again, I’m grounded and know the best and classic rivarly is between Habs and Bruins. May the best team win tonight, whoever plays with the most heart and soul.

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