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A huge thank you to Darth for sending along some pictures and his thoughts on the Habs-Detroit game that he was at last night. As you can see from the pics (at the bottom), he sat behind the net and up a ways, and I think this is a great view. For myself, I like sitting behind the net. It’s a chance to see oncoming rushes, the play going the other way, and all that goes with the breakout, the defence setting up, and goalies getting ready.

I would also like to say at this time that if any of you are at a Habs game and would like to send pics and a few words like Darth has, please do so. I would really appreciate it and would always post what you send. I love the whole idea of it.

Here’s Darth. He apologizes for the quality of his pictures but I’m absolutely happy with what he sent:

“There were a lot of Detroit fans there last night. Way more than Bruins fans when we have a Montreal/Boston game.

Erik Cole. Wow. This guy is fast. TV does not do him justice. If you think he’s fast on tv, well – you’ve seen nothing. This guy flies down the ice. He’d be right at home with the greats we’ve had. I could easily see him with the 50s-70s Habs. It’s almost like he has rockets in his skates. He’s strong too and along with Pacioretty you can see what a big difference size makes. Cole has been an excellent addition to the team. If the whole team had his drive, we’d be top in the league every year and serious Cup contenders every year.

Seeing Emelin score was awesome! Glad I was there to see a historic moment. They really teased him during the break about it (his fellow players). The crowd roared when he scored. People love him here.

Gomez: I can tell you that one problem he has is inconsistency. This guy does not play a full 60 minutes. No way at all. He does show moments of actual talent but most of the time he disappears. There will be long stretches where you don’t even “see” him on the ice. But every once in a while he’ll suddenly show up and doing something great…then he’s gone again.

I’m not sure how it looked on TV but I can say Detroit looked very half-assed for the first half of the game. They can certainly move though. They’ve got some serious puck skills but last night they weren’t clicking until it was about 6-0. Then they seemed to really come alive. We slacked off a bit though. We should not have let those 2 goals in. The reason they did was because they let the game get away from them – they backed off too much. Everyone in the crowd got nervous. A lot of people were expecting Detroit to actually tie it which I think could have happened considering how much we slacked off.

PK has got some amazing talent. Seeing him go up the ice is incredible Dennis. But does he ever need discipline. This is why Robinson would help. He is going to be a big superstar one day and I hope it’s in Montreal. If he can reign in his stupid moments we’ll see one of the most amazing d-men in hockey.”

4 thoughts on “Darth Was At The Game”

  1. Actually it was a good spot to see them going up and down the ice. I’d prefer to be much lower down though. That way you can hear the players trash-talking and everything.

    The only thing I have to say I didn’t like was the intro song right before the game. I’m not too crazy about it. Last year’s was much better. This was some kind of hip-hop thing that wasn’t really up my alley.

    I forgot to add this but they have this “Pom Bakery” Dance Competition between stoppage in play during the third period and the camera films certain people, takes the best, compares them and the audience cheers for the best one. Well, last night there was one stunning blonde who won…wow. No one else had a chance in hell compared to her.

    I think every guy in the place was praying for a flash!

  2. You’re a lucky man Darth to be able to see a game. Awesome photos, much different perspective that what I get on RDS and the rare time on TSN or even rarer CBC.

  3. Mayo, the experience there far out-weighs television. It costs a small fortune sadly, but it’s well worth it if they win. The noise level is something else. Expect hearing damage for a few days.

    I’ll have to check what song that is Marjo but the intro I loved was this one from last year:

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