Darth Talks About The Game He Was At (And It Isn’t Pretty)

Darth was at the Leafs-Habs game Saturday night, and he’s not a happy camper. The Habs failed in so many ways to impress him.

Here’s his email describing the mess:

“I can tell you right off the bat that if you want to sum this game up simply, you can do it by calling it what it was: a real shitter of a game that should be tossed in the “Forget” file and never thought of again.

Most of the team didn’t show up. Cole, Pacioretty, Subban, Price, White and DD did (although he disappeared afterwards though). Staubitz’s fight was great but after that he was invisible.

The rest of the team wasn’t really there. Pleks looked awful, Bourque looked so-so, Kaberle and Weber and Campoli are awful, and Emelin was really quiet (I’ll give him a pass though because he may be playing hurt as a result of our last game). Blake was completely invisible and Louis Leblanc isn’t ready for the big show yet – not by a long shot.

The passing was terrible: passes to no one, passes to the wrong players, badly-timed passes, you name it.

The Leafs played with intensity and we didn’t. A lot of the guys played half-assed and you can bet they’re probably just phoning it in and are already planning their summers.

41 shots to 21? Terrible. The Leafs didn’t even look all that great. They even played nervous at first (at least it looked that way live) but then they took it over easily. We could have won this, but we didn’t bother to apply ourselves.

The ref work was pretty bad as well. Inconsistency all over the place. Komisarek looked really awful.

I’d say the crowd was split 50/50. The comments being shouted out were pretty funny from both sides and there were some really obnoxious fans there from both sets of fans. Afterwards they really stuck it to us though. Talk about painful.

The intensity in the crowd was amazing. Really loud and really into it but as time passed the Leaf fans really took it over.

So that’s it for me this season. I’ll try to get to a few more next season where I hope we’ll be a much better team. We’re really god-awful Dennis. You’ll see it for yourself next week (unless we actually show up for it). You won’t believe how bad Kaberle and Campoli are.”

14 thoughts on “Darth Talks About The Game He Was At (And It Isn’t Pretty)”

  1. He’s only a -8 with the Habs. He was minus 12 when he got traded.

    I could actually live with that if he improved the PP.

  2. Tom, he seems to be just a fraction of a second off many times. He needs to tweak that slightly.

  3. I hope that no matter what happens to Markov that Kaberle does not come back. He wouldn’t be worth 20% of what he is being paid. I heard a sad joke about him the other day — What do you get with 3 Kaberle sticks?– a Chara stick. With money being wasted on both him and Gomez and Mr.Molson allowing the latter to happen this season PG should be shown the door for a waste of money. We fans could have cheaper seats if they got rid of the expensive no talent players. A report I read says we are really an advanced AHL team with so many players on our roster from Hamilton. I realize the next step from the AHL is the NHL but too many of these guys are not ready and may never be ready. Our scouting has been okay but our coaching and use of our own talent is more than suspect so is management since they have done nothing about it. We need a GM with no ties to anyone and brings in only the best coach with a 2-3 year plan for a cup. Sorry about the ranting but I am disappointed beyond belief with the no show players and only fielding 1-2 lines a game.

  4. dra, that’s funny. That was my joke in a post, although I think I said 5 Kaberle sticks equals one Chara. Never apologize about your rants. I love them and you’re saying what we feel. We need to be more than a glorified AHL team. It’s so disappointing and the probelm is, if we change up a large portion of the team, which we need to do, it means several more years of rebuilding probably. I’m sick of waiting. That playoff a couple of years ago when we took out both Washington and Pittsburgh was so magical, and imagine if we could go even further. Wow!

  5. Trust me Danno, I probably could have sworn a lot more though. 🙁

    Kaberle has to go. His salary and Gomez combined would get us one hell of a good player (or two really good ones).

    It’s almost like he has to remind himself that he’s a defenceman.

    I’ll say one thing that has really drove me up the wall this season in all the games I’ve been too is that the passing sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of passes go to no one, to the wrong team, or they shoot too hard so the other guy has it bounce off his stick or they pass too softly and it goes nowhere.

  6. I’ve always thought they pass too much. It’s like they are trying for the perfect pass for a nice goal, instead of getting a shot on net. I think one of the reasons the Cole line is so good is that Cole and MaxPax shoot a lot.

  7. Tom – they do pass too much. Power-plays can be really frustrating to watch (and have been for years now).

    It’s either:

    Pass pass pass shoot wide, lose puck.

    Pass pass pass pass pass pass, lose puck.

    Pass pass pass pass pass, shoot right into the chest of the goalie where he covers it up.

    Pass pass pass pass pass, shoot high and over the net then lose puck.

    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass shoot, miss, pass pass pass, oops – power play is over.

    And I wish they’d try to get in closer to score instead of staying about a mile out where the goalie can see it coming. PK also needs to take a second or two before winding up. He got one shot on net that was awesome but on the next he just fired it and it went all the way over to the side where the boards are behind the goalie. We then of course lost the puck.

  8. Yeah, it drives me crazy when they do that. They need a Kovalchuk-type player, who will just shoot the puck all the time.

    Even that game before the all-star break when we dominated the Wings, we only had five shots in the second, and eight in the third.

  9. Darth, I told you the high light of the night might be a visit to Reubens. Atleast you didn’t drive for 8 hrs. round trip for that crap, I’ve done it twice now & it sure pissed me off!!! There are two on our team that really get it, Cole & Price & close behind are DD & Pacman,PK, Emelin Eller Plex but the rest seem to come & go!

  10. Tom and Darth, I wish they’d stop passing so much too. Just get it down into the other end and start firing. Pretty basic.

  11. Mike, that sounds terrible. All that driving and for what? I at least hope we weren’t shut out those two times. That would have driven me really nuts.

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