Darth Goes To Habs Camp

Darth was in Brossard on Saturday to take in some Habs scrimmages, and he sends his scouting report and some mighty fine photos.

Take it away, Darth:

Diaz looked awesome, as did Yemelin (but he needs to watch his positioning) and he gave out some massive hits!

Cole looked awesome and Pacioretty was really on fire. It’s like he was never injured at all.

Your man Gorges played great (no signs of holding back) and Tinordi looked pretty good. Budaj didn’t look half-bad.

Gomez left the drills early (hmmm) and in the gift shop his t-shirt and Kostitsyn’s were on sale for dirt cheap. A bad omen?

People are going to go nuts over Cole and Yemelin. Pacioretty hasn’t lost a step either.

When Price hit the ice people went nuts and cheered like crazy for him. Cammy tapped his stick on the ice (he got the game-winner in the shootout and the tying goal) when the people cheered for Price.

PK was in the other rink so unfortunately I didn’t get to see him.

Spacek looks great – he’s lost a lot of weight.

5 thoughts on “Darth Goes To Habs Camp”

  1. Thanks Danno and Derry. It was fun believe me. The roar of the crowd when Price stepped on the ice was unbelievable. Cammy got a great reaction as well. People were watching Yemelin like a hawk and every hit he made had the crowd going. He’s going to be a fan favorite if he stays that way…and they will love him in Boston I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Darth, I would just love to see Yemelin sting Brad Marchand like a hornet just like PK did to Mr. Big Nose last year. That would be classic.

    And if he also could “introduce himself” to Zdeno Chara, that would be the icing on the cake.

    Can’t wait.

  3. Danno, Yemelin looks like the kind of guy who’ll hit anyone and everyone if given the chance. I could actually see him trying to smash Chara. He could possibly be a momentum changer in a game. He’ll drive the fans into a frenzy here.

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