Darth Does Up A Big Jean

Darth, in Montreal, sends this image of Jean Beliveau that he did with his computer. It’s somehow re-created from a famous photo, but I have no clue what’s involved here. I’m assuming you have to have special programs on your computer that I don’t have, and learn through trial and error, like photoshop only different I suppose. I’ve no idea. Whatever it is, it begins with talent. 

Good job, Darth. It’s beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Darth Does Up A Big Jean”

  1. Thanks for posting this Dennis and one good thing is that it will get me to get off my big behind and hurry up and finish these even sooner (I’m a terrible procrastinator). I’m halfway through PK Subban’s picture now so hopefully I can have it done for the start of the season and I’ll send it along.

    The process I use for this is I find a picture I like and I then go to a program called “Sketchbook Pro” and do a “pencil” version of the picture. When that’s done I take it over into Photoshop (you nailed it there) and “paint” it.

    I’ve usually shied away from color work because it’s not really one of my strengths. I decided to end that and just keep plugging away. The only way to get better is to practice right? I plan to do quite a lot of these. As time goes by and I get more confidence with color then hopefully I’ll be able to whip these out quite quickly.

    Without a doubt I’ll be doing a ton of Habs pictures and I will do pictures of other teams as well.

    I’d like to get a least 20 done by the end of this season. If I can get 10 done I’ll be happy but I’ll try to shoot for 20.

    Thanks again for posting it!

  2. Darth, it’s really really good and you get busy and finish some more so I can post them. I haven’t a clue how it’s done and I appreciate what you’ve done. I want to see more.

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