Darth Does A Devil

Darth has sent over a legendary Devil to join his super cool and ever-growing library.

This one is of a guy Darth says should’ve been a Hab. A Montreal boy whose dad was the Canadiens official photographer for many years.

Definitely, Martin Brodeur would have been a sensational fit for the Canadiens. He’s been playing since 1993 and so for the first three years he’d have to be elsewhere until Patrick Roy left in ’96, and then in a perfect world, the team would have had the future Hall of Famer all those years until young Carey Price  grew up and arrived on the scene.

Here’s Darth’s Martin Brodeur, along with his other Dartharians.



Old Habs fan




PK Subban 2





5 thoughts on “Darth Does A Devil”

  1. Thanks for posting these Dennis. This picture of Brodeur is a big one for me. It may not look it in the picture (skin is a bit off) but I overcame a major hurdle with this. I think I finally had my “eureka!” moment working on this..so this should mean I’ll get these out faster and much better from here on out.

    For example, I started one yesterday (using my brains for once) and I’m already 1/2 done! So I look forward to polluting your site with Leaf and Bruins pics obviously. 🙂

  2. Good stuff Darth.

    It’s easy to imagine Brodeur as a Canadien, make that red a little redder, replace the black with some white and blue. I wonder how many other goalies have as good a 45-19-6 with a 1.84 goals-against average record against us?

  3. Great work Darth, my 3 stars #1 your first PK, #2 your first Price & #3 You caught the essence of Cole. Once again Great work, keep them coming!

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