Darn Interesting Canucks Information (As The Habs Jet To Long Island)

Mark Streit of the New York Islanders is suffering from a groin injury. There’s no truth to the rumour he obtained this injury after playfully rolling around with the Canucks’ Sedin twins at the Cupid Motel.

Canuckleheads Jordy, Jan, Lawrence, and Sandy insist there’s also no truth to the rumour they’re part of the Manson family.

After noticing that Gordie Howe was getting 500 bucks to sign a jersey, several Canuck players decided that they too could make some extra money by selling their autographs. However, the plan was aborted after fans complained that 40 cents was too much to pay for a Willie Mitchell or Ryan Kesler autograph.

Gary Bettman has announced that sometime in the near future, the city of Vancouver will finally be getting their first NHL franchise.

A recent poll conducted in Vancouver has Harold Snepsts and Jeff Brown as the all-time best players to ever wear a Canucks jersey.

11 thoughts on “Darn Interesting Canucks Information (As The Habs Jet To Long Island)”

  1. It’s always heart warming that you welcome out of work comedians (or is it canadiens) to be guest writers for your blog.

  2. Yes Beatnik, you’re right. I would never write something like that. By the way, did you hear that Vancouver might be getting an NHL franchise?

  3. Two teams would be great in Vancouver. I hope it’s not a 13th place team from the east though.

  4. Dennis, you mean the same ryan kesler who has more goals then alexi kovalev? and the same willie mitchell whos 7th in the league in +/-?

  5. oops i also fort to mention are you talking about the 3rd place western conference / first place northwest division vancouver canucks? a little confused???

  6. Go Jordy Go …. the phenom of #14 and then there’s Roberto …..Dennis -you could do an entire episode on this guy. The greatness of it all…and we all know now that we will be hearing alot more regarding our fav team( 1st in NW div.)during the next 2 mos. Can you feel it??? Quality foods will be bookin’ up Trevor Lindon next

  7. Martin, finally. Thanks for pointing this out. Somehow, April Fools got completely missed on this one. Maybe next year.

  8. I did: a nice crisp dry sauvignon blanc with some brie and 100% organic sesame crackers. Hey, Sandy, it beats your prescription of Baby Duck & corn chips.

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