Danno’s Toque-O-Meter

Received an email from Danno today, where he……….here, I’ll let him explain:

“Hi Dennis

Attached you will find my collection of Habs hats which I wear for depending on how badly or well they are doing.

I call it my Habs Toque-O-Meter.

I’ll start at the bottom…

When they suck and lose against a shitty team or are on a bad losing streak, I wear the black toque of doom which has a Jagermeister logo on it. It’s what I wear when I’m too ashamed to wear anything with the CH on it.

Next, if they win a game mainly because Carey Price was outstanding but everyone else mailed it in, I wear the blue toque with the little crest.

If the Habs play reasonably well and beat an average teams like the Flyers or the Sens, I wear the first red toque which doesn’t have a pom-pom.

Next up, if the Habs play outstanding hockey and beat a team like the Bruins in their own barn, then it’s time to wear the red toque with the pom-pom. Same goes for beating Chicago.  It goes without saying the pom-pom one is also worn whenever we beat the Leafs!

The ball cap at the top is reserved for playoffs. I also have a selection of Habs ball caps for playoff time depending on how they play.”



Habs Toque-O-Meter

Hi Dennis!

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  1. Hi there!

    I like very much this new look. Clear and easy to read. Font is good and the stuff is also very good. Your wife really knows how to rate a web site. 😀

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