Danno Steps Up To The Plate About Don Cherry

Danno has written an excellent letter to the CRTC voicing his concerns regarding Don Cherry and his rants about PK Subban, which ultimately could lead to the young player getting unnecessarily hurt.  Danno sent his letter to me and I’m passing it along to you.

I say good for Danno.

Dennis, I’m tired of Don Cherry and how he’s encouraging everyone to hurt PK Subban. So I went and complained to the CRTC about it.
Go here if you wish to make an official complaint about Don Cherry to the CRTC, like I did.
Below is the letter I sent to them outlining my complaint:
Dear Sir or Madam,
During recent broadcasts of Coaches Corner which airs during Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts on the CBC television network, TV personality Mr. Donald S. Cherry has been repeatedly suggesting that Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban will suffer some physical retaliation as a result of his style of play.
He has shown replays of violent acts and attempts against PK Subban as well as videos by other players including Philadelphia Flyers Captain Mike Richards making threatenning remarks against PK Subban.
Mr. Cherry is constantly and openly encouraging, inciting and justifying violent forms of aggression to be taken against PK Subban.
His main justification for the above is that PK Subban is a player who is new to the NHL and therefor should be showing “respect” by not playing with such a flamboyant style.
This is totally unacceptable.
I am shocked and outraged that this hateful vendetta against an innocent individual is allowed to be broadcast on our public airwaves by the CBC, our public television network.
I would respectfully ask the CRTC to intervene on my behalf and on behalf of all Canadians who expect our public broadcaster to uphold our values and standards which include keeping our airwaves free of content which would encourage hatred and/or violence against an innocent individual.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Complaints can also be sent to the CBC’s Ombudsman:
Vince Carlin
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6
Fax: 416/205-2825
Tel.: 416/205-2978

21 thoughts on “Danno Steps Up To The Plate About Don Cherry”

  1. This is an excellent letter Danno. Not sure the CBC will actually do anything about Cherry – I mean just look at his suits – but maybe they can tell him to put a cork in it about Subban at least. He’s either biased or senile at this point, and either way it renders him unsuitable for the job. Time for him to retire really.

    And Bob Cole too.

  2. Tyg, I’m not impressed with Bob Cole one bit. He jinxed Carey Price’s shutout bid by uttering the word shutout moments before Leopold’s goal.

    That’s just unacceptable and I’m complaining to the CRTC about that too.

  3. Well done Danno, could’nt put it any clearer than you did!!!
    Cheers from the East Go AL’s GO!!!!

  4. Strange things: my English is not good enought for understand half from this that Don Cherry speaks. But it is enough to feel an aversion a little to this person.
    I thought that all Canada loves him, but didn’t understand why.
    Now I see to understand Cherry unessentially. Canadians also don’t love him like I.
    Word is a too strange place…

    Excuse for the broken English

  5. Outmilker, thanks for the great comment. (Outmilker is my son-in-law in Russia). It’s true that not all Canadians like Don Cherry, and I understand why you don’t because of things he’s said about European players. Don Cherry also says stupid things about North American players like he did about PK Subban. Thanks again for your comment, Outmilker. (And to other readers, a story about this Russian fellow and his dad will appear tomorrow).

  6. Blogger Exit716 from Habs Inside Out has a great idea.

    Don Cherry is the spokesperson for the ads for Cold FX which is a supplement which supposedly prevents colds.

    What if enough people got in touch with Cold FX and let them know that they don’t think Don Cherry is a good role model to have a spokesperson for their product?

    What if large numbers of people told the company they will stop buying their product until they get a new spokesperson — one who is a better role model for our youngsters?

    Here is how to contact Cold FX:


  7. i too am disappointed with cherry’s comments about pk, as i was when he said similar stuff about sid the kid in his rookie year………..i admire those who stick up for their own and that is a very nice letter danno has sent to the crtc. it may be effective as supplementary action, however. i feel the real battle and battlefield is else where. soccer moms have been sniveling to the cbc and crtc about don cherry’s bad influence on their bubble wrapped kids for years. they are used to it. the equation is simple. you are the viewer……… viewer = $$$$$$$$$ ………. $$$$$$$$ = cherry………. so ……… NO you = NO viewer…….. NO viewer = NO $$$$$$………. NO $$$$$$$$$ = NO cherry……….. STOP WATCHING coaches corner, better yet stop watching HNC. if you are serious get your friends and blog buddies to do the same. if you need your hab fix watch the french telecast with english radio broadcast, or learn french and chock it up as an educational experience or get all the info you need from denniskane.com. the first few weeks will be difficult but it will get easier and you can take comfort with the knowledge you have put your money where your mouth is. $$$$$$$$ it is the only language they understand. if you complain but still watch, what incentive do they have? they won’t take you seriously. they don’t care about don puncturing young cody’s bubble wrap.

    fight like men, not soccer moms

    good luck

  8. Great comments hobo. I stopped watching HNIC and Coaches Corner a long time ago and only know about Cherry’s antics through Youtube or whenever his nonsense hits the media fan.

    I agree with you about the almighty dollar being the deciding factor in these things. As they say — money talks and bullshit walks. And if millions of Habs fans tune in to RDS instead, maybe the CBC will take notice.

    If you know a little French RDS is a great place to watch the Habs. Their commentators are extremely knowledgeable and the tone is far more civilized than what you get on Coaches Corner. And the bonus is your French will actually improve a bit the longer you watch it.

    I do think the CRTC will be quite busy dealing with complaints about HNIC because many people have told me that they sent a letter like I did.

    I think that’s a really positive thing and although not much will probably come from it, I thank them all for letting the CRTC know how they feel.

  9. PS – For another alternative to the CBC; TSN also broadcasts some Habs games, but only in certain markets and only by certain signal providers.

  10. CBC responds…

    CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman was set up to help ensure that the Corporation’s policies and standards of journalism be fully observed in CBC news and current affairs programming. Sports programming is generally beyond the mandate and jurisdiction of this office. However, I have shared your e-mail with senior programmers in CBC Sports so that they may be aware of your concerns.


    Kirk LaPointe
    CBC Ombudsman

  11. Cold FX responds…

    Dear Consumer,

    Thank you for taking the time to email us, and for your interest in our product. You can be assured that your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

    Afexa Life Sciences develops and manufactures evidence based natural health products for disease prevention and health maintenance. We are firmly committed to the manufacture and sale of only the finest quality products and are grateful that you took the time to contact us.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or call us at 1-888-843-7239.


    Afexa Life Sciences Consumer Relations Associate

    Ref: CV23231

  12. Danno, nice to see some responses from the powers. I’m betting we never hear Cherry mention PK and cockiness in the same breath again. I also think he’ll be made aware of yours and other letters. And truthfully, I’m also a bit tired of Ron MacLean. When he MC’s things like All-Star festivities, and even Battle With the Blades, for me he comes off slightly embarrassing. But that’s just me. He’s very talented at ad-libbing and folks like him for that I suppose.

  13. Hey Dennis, my name came up as “Danni” a couple of times (mesage #9 and 10). Probably because I was on a different computer and it got confused.

  14. It’s true, Hobo. What really becomes effective are ratings. I watch most Habs games on RDS, although my French is lacking in a huge way. I wish it was much better. And I guess the only reason I watch so much RDS is because CBC constantly shows Leaf games which hits a nerve with me every time I check the TV guide. It doesn’t seem to matter if Montreal is playing a huge and important game and Toronto is playing a last-place team – CBC usually goes with the Leafs. Very sad. I guess the CBC doesn’t realize the west has one or two Habs fans.

  15. Danno, I noticed that. I hope the same thing hasn’t happened as what happened to Mayo. His keeps coming up as Mayo-naldo after he used it during the World Cup and now he can’t figure out how to fix it. So hopefully yours is just a one-time thing. Otherwise, from here on in you’re “Danni!”

  16. danno. it is great to hear you are operating on all fronts. i figured so……………. dennis, i better not be hobi.

  17. hobi, habi, havi, havlat, halak or whatever your name is. Doh! This site’s been talkin’ too much about what’s his name… it’s starting to sound like…

    Dion Ferry? Dan Charra?

    I mean ahhhhh…. Listen up kids. You gotta show some respect!
    Watch out Dino, Denny, Danni, ahhhh I mean ah I’m just sayin’ the whole league dislikes you and you never know… I mean ah, it’s good to be cocky when you come into the league. I mean really, I LIKE it. But you gotta show a little respect.
    What did I tell you in the first period? SOMEBODY’S GONNA GET THIS GUY! And if he has a big mouth like that he’s gonna get hurt worse….
    I just said it WAS GOING to happen. I didn’t say I WANTED it to happen…I just PREDICTED it would happen…
    Anyways, it’s good to be cocky Deano or whatever your name is…
    I love cocky guys — but he better smarten up because somebody’s going to get him… And it’s too bad because he’s a good little hockey player.

  18. Good one , Danto or Danny or Dangster or whatever it is. Is that part of Cherry verbatim or did you create this? Really well done.

  19. Hilarious Danno, that’s him to a T.

    I think you’re right to raise the issue. There’s freedom of speech and then there’s abusing a privileged position. Cherry has an audience via a broadcasting network and that brings with it certain duties.

    Yes we must be careful not to be to curtail freedom of expression and there are all manner of ways to inform, shock, satirise and yes, sometimes just straight out offend.

    But bordering on inciting players to injure an individual in real time factual sports TV is something again. He’s overstepped the mark by returning more than once to what is obviously becoming a hobby horse. And the “I didn’t say it should happen”, “I didn’t say I wanted it to happen” style of get out doesn’t wash.

    He also needs to be aware that language is loaded with meanings and there are modes of expression, when used in a particular context can imply an attitude or viewpoint that is not intended.

    Is Cherry influencing players or vice-versa? I don’t know but the sentiments are being expressed in remarkably similar fashion.

    Being abrasive or opinionated for the sake of entertainment is one thing. Fans and players can roll with the usual insults and laugh them off. But this has a different feel. He needs to think before he launches into this again.

  20. Great comments Blue Bayou. I agree with you 100 per cent. Freedom of speech is not an unrestricted right. It does indeed entail a responsibility which you so eloquently described above.

    And today, the CRTC responds…


    Thanks for contacting the CRTC with your concerns.

    It’s the broadcasters themselves – not the CRTC – who are responsible for the programming they provide. This is spelled out in the Broadcasting Act. Our job is to make sure broadcasters have acted responsibly – and to hold them accountable for their programming when it’s called for.

    In order to follow this matter, I am asking Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, by copy of this message, to respond directly to you within three weeks and to send us a copy of its reply for review by Commission staff. I am also asking that it hold a tape of the broadcast in question until your case is resolved. You will hear from us again if any regulatory action is required.

    Your complaint and all related correspondence will be placed on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ‘s public file at the end of three weeks. The Commission may review it at licence renewal time and interested parties may consult the file at any time. In accordance with your rights under the Privacy Act, you may refuse to have your correspondence placed on such a file. If that is the case, please contact us within three weeks of the date of this response by clicking on the link provided below, by mail, fax or telephone, quoting the reference number. Please note that the Commission may not be able to pursue your complaint if all correspondence cannot be made public.

    I am also providing you with a link to the fact sheet which explains the CRTC complaints process : http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/INFO_SHT/G8.htm


    Suzanne Papineau
    Client Services

    1-877-249-2782 / télécopieur/facsimile (819) 994-0218
    Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
    Gouvernement du Canada / Government of Canada

    c.c.: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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