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  1. Was it Brewer or Baun who was known for those hip checks? Leo Bovin also I think. The season is over so I can reminiss again Twas an exciting year of sorts.Most games had a desire AND ability to win. Watched part of L A & St Louis– what a battleground!! But not many penalties. I think I prefer a skill game with some hits but it seems more about the hit than the finese. But it wont change too soon so go Bergevin go!! The above card brings back my intro to hockey. I’d get an outdated copy of the Star Weekly with the full page picture of various players. MY TV ON PAPER!! Had such an innocent view of sports. Then left small town Ont for to set the world on fire–must have lost the matches!–ended up in T.O.; Bay street terminal– the lunch counter–the warshrooms–the pan handlers– One day on a stroll I seen this big building with huge sign MLG. I stopped in my tracks and just awed!! I gingerly touched the bricks— I WAS IN SHOCK– I touched the building where the Beatles played ran thru my mind!! Even though I was more into the Stones and the Who. The Beatles were too pansie for my youthfull rebelous years!! Got off topic but that’s what old time hockey does too me. Can’t wait to stir the fountain with Terry Gain , [I think that’s his name] –he became a Habs fan in the 50’s!! Any one else got some Hab’s senority?? THANKS FOR YOUR GIVING US SOME SPACE BENNIS!!

  2. Baun was know his hip check along with the master Leo Bovin. Carl Brewer was a good skating puck handling defenseman.

    A clean open ice hip check is a lost art today. PK Subban is actually one defenceman who does have that timing skill…

  3. I’m so glad the card made it to you in good shape.

    Dennis, you bring us so much pleasure throughout the year, and for that we are very thankful.

  4. Baun and Boivin for sure, Peter Hab. Brewer wasn’t overly physical, but a fine player nonetheless. I’ve always been a huge Beatles fan, and I saw them at Maple Leaf Gardens during their final tour in 1966. I’ve always been very proud to say that, and I still have my ticket stub. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom, listening to the radio, and the announcer told us about four long-haired guys from Liverpool who were starting to get famous over there. This was before they played the Sullivan show in Feb. 1964. Then he played a song, and I was hooked. My world changed. I started growing my hair, and suddenly something else was in my life other than sports. Of course I loved the entire music scene, with the British Invasion and the California sound, but the Beatles stood above the rest. Always have. When John Lennon was killed it affected me a great deal. It closed a big chapter in my life.

  5. Leaf Fan, Subban throws them, they’re clean, but the other players always want to fight him afterwards because they can’t handle getting a big hit like that. That’s one of the big differences between old hockey and now. Players hate to get hit, even when it’s clean.

  6. Thats where the game has completely gone wrong. This new kevlar (steel like) shoulder pads and elbow pads have allowed the cowards in the league to be brave where as in the old days the pads worn would mean the aggresser had a very high percentage of a chance of being injured as the guy he was hitting in a straight on body check.

    I blame Gary Bettman and the owners who are intertwined with corporate equipment makers…..

    I think people are not aware how close Crosby was to shutting down his career at age 26…Even though he is still putting up points I think his career length may still be affected …

  7. While Dennis , I meant no offence re: the Beatles. Sorry to hear how you were hurt with John’s death. Peter

  8. 🙂 🙂 Peter, I never took it as you offending me. Not at all. It was your mentioning of the Beatles that took me to remembering different things. This is the problem with the internet. Conversations can be taken different ways. For sure I never took offense and please don’t think that. I have lots of friends who chose the Stones over the Beatles and I get this completely. I could never be offended by this. I like the Stones a lot too.

  9. In the late 1950’s near the end of my paper route sat a farmhouse. On really cold days the occupant would take pity on my and invite me in to warm up by the Quebec Heater that sat in her kitchen. After a few of these visits she must have learned I was a Canadiens fan. And so she began telling me stories about her brother, the hockey player. Floyd Busher Curry was his name she told me. He was a friend and team mate of my hero – The Rocket. I was in awe.

  10. Awesome, Terry. Thanks for this. Where did you grow up? My hero was and remains the Rocket too. I would habe been in awe too.. I had a paper route maybe only slightly later than you, around 1960, 61, 62 or so. I delivered the Toronto Telegram and I was the youngest paper boy in Orillia with the biggest route. I also delivered the Toronto Star and Orillia packet and Times a few years later.

  11. Bragging rites boys My buddy[since 71]– his uncle was the sports editor for the Toronto Telegram. Lots of dressing room stories AND a stick autograghed by the entire ’67 Leaf team!! How good is that??? For me living in Leaf land , I laugh cause most of ’em weren’t there. And for me, a Habs fan, “so why didn’t you get Bernie Boom Boom’s sweat from his brow- worth more!! You guys make me jealous!!

  12. Terry, if only I can remember the name of my classmate who moved to Orillia from Thornhill in about grade five or so. You might have known him. I’ll try to recall, and it might drive me crazy for awhile.

  13. Peter, that stick is worth a fair buck now. Especially because it’s 1967. And also because of Tim Horton and Terry Sawchuk on the team.

  14. Peter, I forgot to ask. Who was your friend’s uncle? Was it Ted Reeves or George Gross or someone else’s name I might know? I’ve always been interested in the newspaper guys from long ago.

  15. Yes it is, even to a Habs fan like me. BUT–now it is in a glass case hanging above a 13/16 year old boy’s bedroom door. my friend gave it to him and the young lad’s dad went the next step!! I know how you value collectables Dennis, so this stick has a good home Okay, here’s the sucker I am–we got a new[to us] optomitrit a few years back Ms. Lafluer. The kids approved of her so now it’s my turn to go—send kids for a trial run!! Hi MR. Rhebergen, come in and have a seat. All the small talk goes good TILL—“Do you have a brother called Guy?” Oh my do I have a connection NOW; Guy’s sister. Yes I do she said and he played hockey.. Before I stuck both feet in my mouth she said he wasn’t THE Guy Lafluer. Popped my baloon and I got new glasses. and to this day Haven’t met a Hab or their third cousin twice removed!! Still jealous.

  16. Here’s what I think you should do, Peter. Go to a game in Montreal and maybe Jean Beliveau will be there and you could say hello and have your picture taken with him. 100% Mr. Beliveau would be kind and gracious. How great would that be?
    So that’s what you have to do. What do you think?

  17. Dennis, the editor’s name was Charlie Finley aka Uncle Charlie; I think he left around the intro of The Sun. Oh my here we go!! Uncle Charlie wanted to make some cash the easy way, like his brother Jim, soooo He got a dump truck full of onions dumped in his Mississagua home driveway.Was gonna bag them & sell èm to his neighbours and friends!! Not quite sure where the scheme went wrong but the most stayed to rot in his driveway and he ended up hiring a loader & truck to haul them away.Stu,my buddy, had us falling off the chair laughin`as he gave me the detailed story AND aftermath of the whole scheme.Uncle Charlie also got good seats for my Ti-Cat games Stu said. Life is good when I hear peoples stories! I read so much of the hockey lore of the òle Forum, till these boys hang a new banner at least, I won`t set foot in the Bell!! I`ll listen to the roar on my TV, and wipe a tear when they honour their own but I was brought up simple. The `56 Ford would still do and modern ways will NEVER wipe out the memories of the radio voices bringing to life action at the Forum. My friend John Prine echoes my thoughts Ànd they wrote it all down as the progress of man`! Having said that, I embraced disposable diapers and get involved with the internet, so I`m a bit wishy-washy with my acceptance of new ways. Was a tune on radio,Bellemby Brothers, I think–`He,s and old hippie and he don`t know what to do,–should he hang on to the old or grab on to the new. Guess that`s me after the season ended.

  18. Dennis

    When Jean Beliveau was here in Peterborough in 1994 on his autobiography tour I attended late in the day as I hate line ups. I couldn’t believe I had him all to myself. As he autographed and inscribed my book, this then 47 year old unabashedly told Le Gros Bill that he and the Rocket were my boyhood heroes. He quickly rose to his feet and towered over my 5’7″ frame. He had the biggest smile on his face as he thrust out his hand and shook mine vigorously. He then signed his name on the white number 4 on the back of the Habs jersey I had brought with me.

    My only regret is that it isn’t a better quality sweater. Beliveau is the class act of class acts. His book is a great read.

    p.s. Was your friend Peter Purcell?

  19. Terry, what a great story. Awesome. I’m not surprised that you had a pleasant experience with the great man.
    I think my friend’s last name was Pealow, or something like that.

  20. Peter, that story’s too funny. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t his smartest idea. Maybe onions make good fertilizer!
    I’ve never been to the Bell either. I moved from Ottawa to Calgary before it was built. I used to go to the Forum a lot, and I’d like to see a game at the Bell but was never close enough.
    And you mention John Prine. Years ago my brother lived in Nashville, and I visited him once. He took me to a club, and John Prine was siting by himself at the bar. I didn’t want to bother him, but my waitress was more than happy to take a small menu over to him to sign. In hindsight, I would have liked to have bought him a beer and chatted.

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