Danno Offers Up Some Travel Tips

This, from Danno, after I’d posted a little story involving a bunch of little Canadian towns with funny names. (posted earlier today). This was Danno’s comment to my story, but it was so good I felt it deserved its own page.

“Dennis, you need to manage your next holiday so that you visit a place called Gauthier Ontario. There’s also the tranquil and serene Gainey Lake, near Sudbury. But be aware both places are similarly quiet and somewhat remote.

Take ownership of your well-deserved time off and scale the heights of Mount Molson in BC. Or, at the other end of the map, you can float your boat on Lac Gillet in Quebec.

“Looking for the presidential treatment? The folks at Parc Boivin conservation area near Drummondville Quebec are very hospitable.

For a more affordable holiday with lots of potential, your goal should be to carry on and visit the town of Price Quebec. And you must also stop in to the city of Dryden Ontario, because nothing ever gets by Dryden. And by Georges, make sure you take in the sights of Lake Vezina near Sudbury, where legendary trophy fish have been caught.

Next, take a drive to the village of Richard Saskatchewan and you’ll be sure to have a riot. Or drop a line in the fast-flowing current of the Cournoyer River in Quebec. Mount Beliveau in the Yukon is tall and majestic. It’s a classy choice to make as the centre of your sightseeing.

I would then coach you to see the Village of Martinville Quebec, or perhaps the village of Bowman also in Quebec, and finally to someday stick your toe in Blake Lake Newfoundland.”

7 thoughts on “Danno Offers Up Some Travel Tips”

  1. This is small beer by comparison but I will be holidaying near the village of
    Montreal close to Carcassone in the Aude region of south west France.. This was not by design as a family friend booked it. While I’m there and if there is sufficient demand I will provide a full review of the impact of the Catharist heresy on the development of hockey in 15th century France. But only if you’re really interested.

  2. I believe I missed an “n” off carcassonne but it’s 2 am and I have drink taken

  3. Blue Bayou, are you kidding? I can never get enough of 15th century French hockey and the impact of Catharist heresy on the development. You’re so lucky to be doing this. I love those old photos of Chris Chelios and all the other fellows who played back then. And is the hockey team now playing in this region called the Montreal Carcassone’s?

  4. A bit late getting back to you on this but I’ll ask around while I’m down there. Maybe get a feeder club going called The Montreal Heretics or some such.

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