Danno And His Dad’s Excellent Adventure

Danno, who we all know and love, who comes on this blog often with his smart and often very witty comments, and who sends me videos and various pieces of tidbits which are always a big help here, went to the Ducks/Saku Koivu game at the Bell Centre last Saturday with his father.

They took the train down and back from Ottawa, and I especially like the picture of Danno giving a press conference to announce that he’s becoming the new General Manager of the team and his first act is to install me as owner/stickboy.

Also, his dad may be 72 years old but looks all of 52.

18 thoughts on “Danno And His Dad’s Excellent Adventure”

  1. Danno! OMG you had such excellent seats! And I see you also had fun in the museum. Love your styling Habs hats! I missed the press conference tho, darn it…

  2. Ringside seats Danno! Looks like a great trip. Nice pic of Carey or is that you?
    It would explain why he went wandering a bit, looking about the place a lot.

  3. Tyg, I’m so jealous about their seats. Looks like they’re about three rows up. But you also had great seats didn’t you? And don’t worry, now that I’m offically installed as owner by Danno at the press conference, I’m going to need you to be editor of the game program. Hope this will be fine with you.

  4. Awesome story Dennis and thanks Danno. You are a lucky man to be living close enough to attend a Habs game.

  5. Dennis, we were four rows back from the ice. And we could almost feel the body checks from our seats.

    One of the most amazing part of the experience was hearing the legendary roar of the Bell Centre crowd as we tied the game late in the third period. Everyone went absolutely bananas for what seemed forever.

    Before the game started the Ducks were practicing at our end and every now and then one of their players would toss a puck into the stands. A puck landed between the rows in front of me and I reached over and grabbed it. I gave it to a little girl who was at the other end of the row. She was thrilled to get a souvenir of the game, as was her mom.

    In addition to going to the game we toured the Hall of Fame and took the Bell Centre tour as well.

    I can tell you it was an unforgettable experience. And I highly recommend it to each and every Hab fan.

    In addition to the Saku Koivu tribute, that night was special for another reason. It was Elmer Lach’s birthday. He turned 93.

    Now all I have to do is keep on working until I’m Elmer’s age to pay for our tickets.

    Here’s a profile the CBC did on Elmer…

  6. Danny I’m jealous, great game, great seats, great photos.

    Also slightly ashamed, why don’t I make similar trips to Montreal?

  7. Dennis, no problem with the game program editing, but since I’m also golf coach I’m going to require additional monetary compensation and some locker room privileges… purely for professional reasons of course…

  8. The best part of the trip was spending some time with my Dad enjoying something we both really, really love. For a couple of true Habs fans the experience is unforgettable. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

    Here’s hoping the Habs can do to the Flyers what they did to the Senaturds last Friday.

  9. Tyg, now you’re playing hardball. If I pay you more I’m going to have to raise the price of beer. It’s complicated.

  10. Dennis and Danno – What an outstanding trip to share with your Dad. Thanks Dennis for having such intelligent, interesting adventures on your blog. Danno’s father must have been in heaven!

    Seriously, anytime you want to make a trek to Boston to see a game with the Habs vs. Bruins,you are most welcome as my guests!

  11. We’ll make one! There are always pockets of fans in random sections. My sister, Nancy, would be delighted to be the head fan south of Montreal! You are all welcome!

  12. Diane, you always write the nicest things and I thank you for that. A trip to Boston to see the Bruins and Habs and drink beer with you and Nancy would be an excellent adventure. Maybe some day. I’m hoping.

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