Damn Those Bruins, Damn Those Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks should be ashamed of themselves. They could have finally won their Stanley Cup. Instead, they lost, they lost big, and the series goes the full seven games with the pendulum swinging toward the land of Kennedys and clam chowder.

It was a 5-2 Bruins win at the TD Garden, and the Canucks, for some inexplicable reason, played without killer instinct, without fire, and again without offence. This is a team trying to win it all, and instead have scored just eight times in six games. This is a team that should have put the pedal to the medal and ended it once and for all. Now the shoe’s on the other foot, and Boston holds the final and most perfectly-timed momentum.

If I was a Canucks fan, it would hurt to see that maybe there’s something missing from this squad. Maybe the leadership can be questioned. Maybe they used up both barrels of their guns during the regular season and earlier in the post-season. Maybe Roberto Luongo doesn’t have it like great goalies of the past. Maybe he shouldn’t have compared his style and Tim Thomas’.

Canucks fans in Powell River were in a celebratory mood today. You could see it, feel it. It was going to be a night to remember, a night of joy.

But it’s the Bruins who look like they want it.

The Canucks? We’ll see on Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Damn Those Bruins, Damn Those Canucks”

  1. Dennis, it was like a bad dream.

    I hope the win-at-home pattern continues tomorrow night…

  2. Dennis,

    There’s not much more to be said.

    But just to cheer you up I thought I’d let you know that some famous people, or at any rate their stylists read your website.

    Look at this. David Beckham. Look at that side parting.

    No doubt his PR people want him cosying up to the Bruins fans as they try and associate their fading star with anything successful. Hence an updated “Bobby Orr”.

    Now where did they get that idea?


    He’s even got “playoff” growth just to reinforce the reference

  3. all right……..it’s time for me to come clean, not that i have been lying, but to be honest, the ONLY reason i hope the canucks win the cup is because they are a canadian team and it is good for my country if they were to win….. as a team i don’t like them. i don’t like the sedin sisters, lalonga, as yawn cherry would say is inconsistant, swiss cheeze a lot of the time altho i kinda feel for the guy until i remember how much doe he makes. don’t like the coach, the nucleus of the team was put together by brian burke etc. etc………………on the other hand,….. and this is where i risk being banned from the best blog in hockey, i have come to greatly admire the bruins as a team. they do what ever it takes to win with the talent they have. their goalie is showing a superior effort. the coach is doing a good job. any holes in the armor is made up for by extra effort in other areas. everyone to the man is contributing……….. little brad marchant has made the cry baby sisters look like shit. and he scores. don’t ya wish some of the bums on the habs would play with that intensity? don’t ya wish he would stick that shnoz in opponents faces while playing for the habs? it’s hockey, not a beauty contest or a diving contest……………. like i said before, the team with the best goalie wins the cup but i could be wrong, i was once.

  4. Danno, the Canucks aren’t playing Stanley Cup hockey and the bruins are. I think it’s lack of strong leadership.

  5. Yes, Blue Bayou, I spoke to Beckham and convinced him that if he ever wanted get chicks the way Gaston does, he has to start combing his hair like Bobby Orr. He listened, as you’ve shown. And BB, the next time you’re in West Sussex. could you please visit Pattie Boyd and tell her if she needs to get away, I’ve got a spare room here. It’s been difficult over the years for her, first with George chanting all the time, and then with Eric been drunk 24 hours a day. So please pass this along.

  6. Hobo, I hear what you’re saying. As much as I despise the Bruins, they’re playing like they know what it takes to win it all. Vancouver’s not, and if I was a Canucks fan I’d be mighty upset right now. The Sedins are just a shell of themselves, Kesler too, and Luongo continues to make his reputation grow as a goalie who can’t get it done. Marchand? This is the way Kesler is supposed to do it, and a rookie is showing him up. If the Canucks somehow win tomorrow, I’m saying they don’t deserver it.

  7. Well, if:

    a) injuring Mason Raymond (and not getting suspended)
    b) punching a Sedin in the face numerous times before a penalty is called (and having the Sedin get a misconduct for asking the ref if he was going to call a penalty)
    c) cross-checking a Sedin (who gets called for diving, no less)
    d) plus too many others to call: slashing, fascewashing, general gooning it up (all after the whistle is blown, mind you)

    constitute “knowing how to win” and “having what it takes to win,” perhaps the Bruins deserve the Cup, because it will have been an inglorious contest that was decided with aggression and biased officiating, not hockey skills. The winner will have no honor because all notions of sportsmanship (I know how quaint they appear to some) will have gone out the window.

    if that’s what hockey has come to, the Stanley Cup is tarnished indeed.

  8. The point is, to win the Stanley Cup a player will do whatever it takes. And for good or bad, this is indeed what hockey has become. Trust me, the Bruins have me grinding my teeth on a regular basis, they’re my least favourite team, I think they’re dirty and whiners, but they’re doing what they need to do to win the Cup. And Vancouver hasn’t because aside from any of the penalties not called and the Raymond injury etc, they’ve only scored 8 goals and their number one goalie has played as well as Boston’s number one.

  9. roger……… with all due respect, as toe blake said, excuses are for losers……..got any more?

  10. Hobo:

    You are right, excuses are for losers. A true sportsman wouldn’t try to sully his opponent’s victory by claiming he was injured or had an off day.

    With all respect, I don’t think I’m making excuses for the Canucks or the Sedins. A true contest is one where the rules of the game are the same for both sides and applied impartially; then, may the better team win. Do you honestly feel the rules have been the same for both teams? Or been applied impartially?

    if you do, then I’ll respect your point of view. I happen to feel the rules haven’t been the same for both sides, nor been applied impartially. Like Aaron Rome, I don’t know what’s a penalty any more. If that’s where we disagree, then perhaps, over the interweb, we can figuratively shake hands like gentlemen and leave it at that?

  11. roger
    i have thought the ice has been tilted in the bruins favor on occasion but not to the extreme that the canucks shouldn’t find a way to suck it up and get on with it. true champions overcome adversity…..the officials are responsible or in this case irresponsible for setting the tone so everyone has some sort of idea of what you can or cannot do. they haven’t done the job but it is not all to the bruins advantage. it is the inadequate nhl clowns doing their usual inadequate job. it’s always been like that and always will be.
    good luck tomorrow

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