Damn Tall Juniors

I sat with my wife in a pub, drinking beer because both Danno and Christopher suggested it was good for my bad back, and I was telling her about these young guys, on the biggest day of their lives, getting picked by NHL teams with family and friends watching with pride.

These young juniors have great hair with no grey, I explained, and my wife said she liked my hair just fine and it was nice and wavy.

Then I told her these kids work out constantly and have big muscles, and she said she liked my muscles just fine.

I then pointed out that these young kids are probably going to be rich, and she said she didn’t care that we’re not rich.

Then I said I’m not as tall as these kids, and she said that really sucked.

11 thoughts on “Damn Tall Juniors”

  1. Danno, it warms the cockles of my heart that you’ve found a solution and saved my marriage. I just don’t think she’s going to want me to wear these around the house or while sleeping. Those tall kids have nothing on me now, except nicer suits and no grey, but she doesn’t care about that.

  2. Height, bah, she prefers your hair, muscles and money. So that’s three out of 3.5, damn close to perfect. But watch out, women are smart, why pick one when as owner’s wife, she can have them all.

  3. Except for the money part. And no lottery win. You know, I heard about a guy who won a million for life for 20 years and he was already rich. And not only that, a year later at the same convenience store, his sister bought a ticket and won a million.

  4. Hobo is that impotent or important. Dennis, you got that lottery guy’s phone number? I’m more into wealth than height, but then again I’m sort of vertically challenged myself.

  5. Tyg, I’m almost 5’9 which would’ve been fine in the NHL 30 or 40 or 50 years ago but not now. But I’m proud to say I’m taller than Brian Gionta and several others.

  6. It’s one of life’s truest facts, Dennis, that small people are the best. Tell your wife I said so. Point to yourself. Point to Brian Gionta. Point to John Keats, who I’ve got a full inch on. Taller does not equal better, despite what my six foot three brother thinks. Heck, he probably can’t even think clearly up there in all that thinner oxygen.

  7. Tyg, I googled and found out that Keats was 5 feet tall. And thanks for the nice words. And your brother? He’s the kind of guy I dread sitting in front of me at the movies. Tell him to always sit at the back.

  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Dennis. In a few years, those dazzling smiles with all 32 teeth, will sooner or later start to find gaps, and nasty scars and gashes will cover their faces. You’ll see.

  9. You’re right, Phil. My wife still loves me and I don’t know any of them who has a Habs blog.

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